Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Recovering and Loading Great Dane in Car....:)))

Today I felt very emotionally drained. I had a bad headache until Art made me lay down around 5 pm. I did feel better when I woke up. We worked at the gate with Vicki and Karl from 12-3. Everyone was very gracious and tried to get us to come back and rest but really I wanted something to do to keep my mind occupied. But I was glad the shifts were an hour shorter today because I was pretty worn out by 3. I really appreciate all the concern that was directed our way today. That means a lot to you when you have gone through something like this. With it being a holiday weekend is not helping things either as we cannot talk to our insurance agent until Tues morning. Plus, we lost a camera in the accident and need to go to the place where the truck was towed to find it....I hope! We also want to get our license plate, and other items we left. We thought we got everything out but then we started thinking of things after we got back to the trailer. Your mind doesn't work right when something like this happens. Gee,wonder why???? On a lighter note I wanted to share some funny photos of Hannah's dog Savannah. When you have a Great Dane, there are numerous photo opportunities. She is a big dog, she weighs 131 lbs and stands about 6 feet if she stands on her back feet and puts her front legs on her shoulders. No! I can't do that she is taller then me. Here she is getting into Hannah's car, which she does not like, too small I guess. Notice her Great Dane decal on her window.
"You REALLY expect me to ride back here?"
"OK, but I am NOT looking at the camera!"
But then the other problem is.....
"Aunt Lindsay, please help me into the truck, my legs are too short." :)
"Ah...this is much better, more room!" "Now, I will look at the camera." Sorta.
Effie and Cooper say, "We have plenty of room, Savannah." "We even have room for our beds." Or as we like to call them...their buns. Get it, hot dog buns! :)
First thing she does when she gets in the camper is hit the couch. Couch potatoes is sure an accurate name for these dogs. And you should see her sit on the couch and put her front feet on the floor, just hilarious.
Tonight was movie night here in the park. We showed the movie Wilderness Family. It was sure an appropriate movie to show out here in the forest. It is rated G....What is that a G rated movie? Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Here is the amphitheater where the movie was shown. That is Art and Wayne checking things out.
The screen, which was just the perfect size for the movie. This is really a neat feature here in the park.
And what would a movie be without popcorn? Well Karl had that covered (with Art supervising)....mmmm just like movie theater and what? Free! Not $10 a bucket full! And free refills. Super!
And Mother Nature was so kind and held off the rain for us and provided this awesome moon with rings. I know this is no where near a professional picture but I had to attempt it. You get the idea.
Today has been a long day and I'm ready for bed. Have to rest up so I can beat Hannah and Art at Golf (the card game) tomorrow. So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. Okay, I don't really think the picture of me helping Savannah into the truck should be posted. However, I am not responsible for what I am photographed in after working a 12 shift :)

  2. OMG - I just read your last post about the accident. Thank goodness you and the dogs are okay! I hope she has insurance, and that she spends some time in jail for driving drunk and over the speed limit and causing the accident. She could have killed you. And now all the time and inconvenience you'll have to go though. Geez. Again, though, everyone is okay and that matters the most, of course. Things will work out.

  3. Tomorrow will be a much better day.

  4. Love those little doggie 'buns' haha, Luci has one of those too!

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