Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hope You Like Turkeys!

Yep, hip hip horray! I finally got pictures of them. So get ready because I am going to show them all to you. They were finally out where I could get a good shot of them.
They all seem to be around the same size so I am guessing they are from the same hatching. Probably 2-3 yrs old maybe younger. They are sooo timid, if you make a sudden move they are gone. I got almost all of them but 2 then a truck came down the road and spooked them but that is ok because I am sooo happy with what I got. Today we worked at the gate from 9-1, then we came back to the trailer and ate some lunch. Then we went to clean up some sites where the campers had left. They were all in very good shape, they had picked up after themselves very well. Still Art did clean out a fire pit that was getting full.
After we finished that we went over on the golf cart (because Effie and Cooper love it) to visit with our good friends Jim and Mary and my cousins Ted and Shirley. This is Ted and Shirley's first time here but Jim and Mary were here a few weeks ago. I hope your visit was a pleasant one guys and you WILL come back?
Yesterday when I was out and about I took some pictures of the shelter houses here at the park. They are near the lake and have bathrooms close by. They are available to be reserved for family reunions, receptions, parties, etc.

Does anyone know what fruit this is? Well if you said Persimmons you are right? Ever ate one that is NOT ripe? Don't it is not good. Persimmon pudding is a dessert that was made a lot by the pioneers. I know my Grandmother made it alot. From Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. Found your blog after you found ours, I guess that's how it goes most of the time,you are doing what Donna and I want to do after she retires next year.I have been retired for several years, but Dona's company doesn't let you go as young.We live in Dardenne Prairie MO. just outside of O'Fallon MO. just off I-70, have plenty of room for a visiting fiver even with ours here.If you get out this ways stop and say hoi and stay a few days, Rigg's our Lab loves the doggie company too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna......


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