Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Hit By Drunk Driver, and turkeys.

I wasn't going to post today but then I thought I should so you would know what happened. I went to Lindsay's house to pick up Hannah and Savannah (her Great Dane). We left Lindsay's around 12 and was expecting to be back to Hardin Ridge by about 3. Well we didn't make it. Approximately 3 miles from Hardin Ridge we were hit by a drunk driver. We are all ok just, but were extremely shook up. I was coming up a hill and getting ready to go around a curve and this black car came barreling up the hill on my side of the road, I tried to swerve to the right as much as possible to keep from hitting her head on. Well I achieved that but she hit the side of our truck and completely totaled it. Yes, the one we have only had for about one week. :( The drive shaft was ripped from the truck the rear tires were under the bumper, and the front steering was completely destroyed. Not to mention what it did to the side of the truck. You have to know how fast she was going to do that much damage to a truck from a car. She was very drunk and as soon as I got down to her car to see if she was ok she took off running into the woods. After the police arrived they put out an APB for her after my description and they finally 2 hours later found her. They called me on my cell phone and I had to go identify her, and then fill out a report for the courts what she did at the scene. The Sheriff that was there said to make sure I put in my report that I could identify her 100%, because she tried to kill you. I felt like someone hit me in the stomach when he said that. I was already shook up enough, with Hannah and the dogs in there with me, I started to think what would have happened if she had hit us head on. She more than likely would have been killed with a car vs a truck, and not to mention what would have happened to the dogs or us. She had to of been traveling around 80 mph to do the damage she did to our truck. You never know what a day is going to hold do you when you wake up? All I can say is I am so thankful to God that we all walked away with only our nerves shaken up. The people in the house where the accident happened were so nice they come out and offered us water and to go into their house to cool off as it was so unbearably hot! Al and Kevin came down and got Hannah and the dogs for us to bring them back to the trailer, as we had groceries and it was so hot for the dogs. Thank you so much guys were getting there so fast and helping us out! We really appreciated it!!! Thank goodness Art got to the scene about 10 minutes after it happened as like I said we were almost to the gate to Hardin Ridge. When I went down to identify her she was screaming at the officers, kicking at them, cussing at them, and asking why they were arresting her she did nothing wrong. Well her car was full of beer cans, she left the scene of an accident, she resisted arrest..... I am sure she is in jail tonight. But on a good note I finally got my turkeys, they were waiting at the gate when we pulled back in from identifying her. It is not a great picture but it is turkeys.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. As of now we have no rain. So from Hardin Ridge we are so thankful and send our hugs and best wishes.


  1. We are so happy that you all are ok...except for a set of nerves! I sure hope the judge throws the book at her, but probably there will be a plea deal.

  2. Unbelievable! Glad you are OK.

  3. Sounds like a dull day. When is the excitement going to start for you all?

    Also, I never got my reward for being your 100th customer. ;)

    1. Ha Ha......don't know for sure but I think I could handle a little less. Yes, you did, the Smokey the Bear bracelet. I guess I forgot to mention it when I gave it to you. Or you could consider the potato soup I am going to make Sunday a reward :))

  4. Oh my goodness, what a horrid story! Well, she was drunk, but what do they think? they are going to get away with doing something like that??? So glad all is ok even tho really shook one can imagine from the trauma..Take Care & God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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