Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weather is ''Gorgeous!"

Finally the weather is beautiful...the temperatures are in the low 70's and the humidity was nowhere to be felt. Ahhhh, I spent the entire day outside taking pictures.  Where do I begin? NO, I didn't get any turkeys the only animal picture I got was of this little lizard on the wall of the ladies bathroom. Isn't he cute?
However, yesterday I got this picture of a hummingbird on the feeder on the back window of the camper. They will be leaving soon and I will sure miss them.
Yesterday afternoon we had a knock on the door and it was our friends Brad and Debi from Frankfort, IN. They were in the neighborhood and stopped in to visit with us. Brad works at the post office where Art did, and Debi makes the most beautiful cakes!!!!! Thanks for stopping by guys it was great to visit with you. :)
Here is Art with Cooper and Effie along for the ride. He is talking to campers about storms that were approaching our area last night. Luckily we didn't get severe damage, just lots more rain.
I wanted to include pictures today of some of our co-workers/hosts. This is Mickey and Kevin, they are the assistant mangers here at the park. Great couple!!!
This is Wayne and Donnie. Wayne's wife is Terena. She is the one supplying me with some of the animal pictures I can't find :) Donnie has been a host here for 5 yrs.
This is Mickey (again) and Vicki. Vicki is married to Karl, you saw him the other night making popcorn for the movie.
This is Karl and Kevin fixing the dock, apparently someone walked out on it and it started to float out into the lake. What would you call that a Pondock :))))
They didn't know I was lurking in the woods....hee hee. Wow! I felt like paparazzi. Here is where I was standing looking out over the lake. The water and clouds were just gorgeous today. Wish I was on a boat myself.
Here is another picture of Lake Monroe, it is just beautiful with the clear blue skies and the cotton candy clouds.
Here is Cooper and Effie at the door ready to go for a ride on the golf cart.
I was trying to get pictures of them but they kept turning their heads...but it worked out because here is what I think they said to each other..... Cooper says,"I'm sorry Effie, I didn't mean it, really. "
"Can't we just kiss and make up?"
Effie says, "absolutely not!" "You were wrong I was right and I'm still mad!"
And last I leave you with this photo of one of the trees here in the park. It has these little red berries all over it. It would be so pretty if snow were on there, look like Christmas.
So from Hardin Ridge we send you hugs and best wishes.

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