Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Snowy winter and Lake Monroe

The past few days have been slow on campers in the park but busy cleaning of leaves and getting ready to close the park for the season. The last day will be Oct 15th. The time here has gone so fast, when we arrived I thought wow, 2 1/2 months here and now we are now down to less than one month. The leaves are slowly starting to turn, it did get down in the 30's last night so that should speed them up.  It is getting so cold too early. The last time we had such a severe drought in 1988, the winter of 1989 was bad!  Lots of snow, and cold. Old timers believe that you can forecast the winter by signs of nature. One of those ways is by cutting open a Persimmon seed. If it is a knife it is supposed to be bitterly cold and a spoon means lots of snow.  Wayne cut one open today and here is what we saw......
Oh boy a spoon with a point...does that mean blizzards are on the way?
And with Fall comes falling leaves. The guys and gal (Mickey) blew out the leaves in the side ditches to make room for those that will be falling soon. Those back packs get very heavy I'm sure.  I followed along on the golf cart with the gas and took pictures :)

Miss Mickey and Art
Donnie and Kevin (Miss Mickey's husband)
All 4 of them, Mickey, Art, Donnie and Kevin
Ok, I said in the post title welcome to Lake Monroe so time to get to lake pictures. This lake is simply beautiful, and it is so natural looking with no big homes built on the banks. When the lake was made there was a ruling that a home could not be built within 150 ft of the lake. Al was saying he was going to take out his pontoon boat to fish.....so I kind of asked if Art and I could go. He said sure and that there was even room for 2 wiener dogs.   I had been wanting to get out there on the lake and get some pictures. This lake was man made and is 10,750 acres.

It was cool on the water as it was pretty windy, but the sun was warm, and those clouds were gorgeous.

Here is the captain of the boat, Al. He didn't catch any fish but we sure had fun anyway.

And he was generous enough to allow me to drive the boat. :)
You can see the bottom trees are beginning to show a lighter shade of green.
First Mate....Kevin
Effie wasn't thrilled at first but she soon relaxed and enjoyed it.
It was so windy while we out there that this sailboat had no problem ''sailing''
Cooper finally warmed up to Al.  He normally doesn't like anyone buy family.
Isn't this gorgeous? Looks like some where out West, I kept expecting to see a moose come out and drink. Or a big bear to come out and look at us.
I took this at the look out in the park that they cut out so you can see the lake...
See the hole in the trees? That is the look out in the park where I took the above picture. I took this from the boat on the lake.
My daughter told me this weekend that I never have a picture on the blog of myself, so she took this photo of us as we were working the gate on Sunday morning.
Of course Effie and Cooper had to be in the photo too.
I FINALLY got a cute picture of a squirrel. He was sitting on a picnic table in the shelter house. Guess he was waiting for some people having a picnic to offer him a nut.
Look at that fluffy tail. Wonder if that is another sign of a bad winter coming??
I only saw 2 deer all day. This one looked a little better not so skinny. She had only one fawn with her so maybe that is why. I can't believe how gray they are.
So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. I agree with you old timers about lots of snow. Our old timers (loggers) say the higher the wasp nest in trees the more snow we'll get. Well, this year the nests are really high. Uh-O. It doesn't snow in Arizona yay!

  2. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I've really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!


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