Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cleaning Sites, Weiner Roast, & BINGO

Today we were up early as we worked the gate from 9-1.  It was busier than I thought it would be as some of the campers came up and renewed for more nights. This weekend has just been down right gorgeous!!! The weather man predicted rain and cooler temps for the coming days so I hope they are not disappointed that they are staying for more nights.
I just love rain hitting the roof of the trailer, it is so comforting and just makes you relax. I feel bad though for those that are trying to camp for they usually have a miserable time especially if they are in a tent. After gate duty we came back and ate some lunch and then we tuned in the TV and found the Colts playing! Ya...we don't always get stations back in here but today we did get FOX which is where they were playing. They won today with a winning field goal.  My son-n-law, Tom will be so happy about that.  I only watched part of the game though as I was so sleepy.  Two early mornings in a row and I was ready for a nap. I don't hardly ever take naps but today I was in the mood for one. I ended up sleeping for almost 3 hours. And guess what I missed? A turtle! Yep, Art got a call from Dee to go check on a camp fire that was left burning, (not smart..good way to start a forest fire) so Art doused it with lots of water as he said it was hanging over the fire pit and was burning really big. So on his way back to the camper he and Cooper came across a turtle crossing the road.  Oh well I know they are in here, now I just have to come across one.  After I got up from my nap we went and started to clean our sites.  We had 10 campers on our loop this weekend, so we needed to check fire pits and pick up trash. Oh ya, you can always count on trash.  Most people are really good but there are a few that mmmmm just don't get what dumpsters are for.  Someone had peeled about 6 eggs and left the egg shells all over the ground. You know how hard it is to pick up egg shells without them breaking into smaller pieces? It looked like it had snowed in one area of their site, but I was able to get most of them picked up. Then they had dumped a whole box of cereal on the ground, guess they thought they were feeding the mice. Not a good idea, mice draw in snakes and that is something I am not fond of.
Cooper and Effie just love it when we clean sites. They love any opportunity to get on that golf cart.  We then came back to our site and Art started a fire.....
Then he cooked us hot dogs for supper....
I contributed with Mac and Cheese and that was an easy supper for tonight. I got a different type of sunset picture to share. Thought this was pretty coming through the trees as it went down.
Last night we played BINGO at the Amphitheater for candy bars. I won and so did Art.  The campers that attended seemed to enjoy themselves. The admission was a small bag of trash. Instead of the traditional BINGO we played with cards with the 50 states. That was fun.
Everyone looks like they are concentrating so hard.
Now Mickey....no cheating :))
We had some party poopers who didn't want to play...see back left of photo.  :)))
After we ate supper we played the card game Peanuts on the picnic table and then we took the dogs for a walk. We have been walking the whole loop of Southern Point. Art is going to drive it off in the car to see how far it is. Some of it is up hill so that should count for more, right? :))
Ever since all the rain came down toad stools are popping up everywhere. Some are the traditional white and some are yellow. But these guys just starting coming up and you can't miss them.  Wouldn't it be nice if Morels were this color; be easier to see.
Remember the cartoon the Smurfs? These remind me of their little houses.
I love the lines that showed up on this one. They are cool to see sticking up out of the forest floor. You can see where they push the dirt up and then they pop out. They are Fall toad stools :)
This one reminded me of Meringue on top of a pie. 
                                From Harding Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. I'd take the snakes over the mice any day. The snakes will usually leave you alone and won't scamper all over your camper and in and out of drawers & cabinets. Mice carry more diseases than snakes as far as I know.


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