Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dog Days and rain, rain, rain.

Well Isaac sure hit us today!! It has rained ALL day. I have no idea how many inches we have gotten, several I'm sure. I know we need the rain so badly but it is too bad it had to rain on a holiday weekend and ruin so many plans for campers. I cannot imagine being in a tent, wow you would be sopping wet. I have not left the camper for pictures for today but to go a long with the title........
Sure is a hard life to be a Fletcher Dog. She was twisting and turning on the coach, just couldn't get comfortable. So, finally her Mom (Hannah) got up and put the pillow under her head. Ah....what a rough life these dogs have. Food at their tongue tips, a warm "dry" bed, and their belly rubbed all the time. Now I have told you that Effie has become camera shy lately. When she sees me coming with the camera she squints her eyes closed or she turns her head. Well today she gave me another approach......
I feel so loved, thanks Effie. We spent a lot of the day inside the trailer playing Golf. Here is Art and Hannah after we had played one game. Guess who won the first game......Me!
This is what the windows looked like all day as we looked out. No sun out there :( You can really see the water running down them. Sounded neat on the roof though.
Savannah wasn't sitting with her feet on the floor but knees to chest like she does all the time. Look at those long front legs!
About three o'clock Dee called and said they were playing cards up at the office if anyone wanted to come up. Since it was raining so hard, they knew most of the campers would be gone or in their trailers. So we went up and we played Golf with the whole gang. From L-R Art, Kevin, Pete, Karl, Carl, Ann and Terry (doesn't Terry look so intent on what Kevin is doing? )
Then Karl took the picture and you have from L-R Carl, Ann, Terry, top of Dee's head, Mickey, Al, myself, Art, Kevin and Pete.
Then after the gate closed Billy and Betty joined us.
We came back to the trailer and grilled hamburgers and put baked potatoes on the grill....mmmmmm were they good. But then all you want to do is nap. This weather is good for that. Tomorrow Lindsay, Tom and Meredith are coming down. Looking forward to that. So from Hardin Ridge we send you hugs and best wishes.

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