Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm in Heaven

I was driving around on the golf cart today and I said to myself out loud..."I'm in Heaven." When I was a little girl my parents built a home in the middle of a big woods. My brother owned many acres of it and my uncle owned several acres too that was right next to my brother's. So I was free to go any where and not be trespassing. Plus, that was back in the day when you could go walking by yourself and not be afraid. I would walk to my uncles' property which was right on Sugar Creek. I would take my fishing pole and maybe a peanut butter sandwich and fish all day. I caught nothing worth keeping but I was so happy being there in nature. I have raised many baby raccoons and turned them loose back into the wild, and some would come back from time to time begging for a marshmallow :) I went hunting with my older brothers, and ice skating on the creek, and horse back riding in the woods, and we had hayrides in the winter THAT was a blast. So being in here in the forest takes me back to those feelings of my childhood. And of course having a new camera, a Nikon L810 is making picture taking a thrill. What cameras do today is amazing. I have mentioned before I love pine trees, well my other favorite is acorns. I saw these 2 laying on the ground (snuggling) and just couldn't resist a picture. It turned out so neat I am using it for my background on the computer. Hope you like it.
Art and Donnie were weed eating on the Pine Loop so I took their picture. Now Art has proof that he is working here.
Maybe you are asking why I get so excited when I find turkeys to photograph....well I guess it is because we have the turkeys at home and it is just sooooo neat to see them in the wild, free and fending for themselves. So guess what? More turkeys! I don't know how I spotted them, they were down a hill feeding in the weeds. But they are good enough to post, (I think)
When I am riding around on the golf cart Effie and Cooper go with me. I have leashes that I strap them on with so they won't jump or fall off. This is what they look like as we go looking for animals. And by the way they never bark, they are so good.
We went driving and guess what we saw? Now how did you know....deer!

Look at her left cheek, she looks like she has a wad of chewing tobacco. Next picture she spits...just kidding.

I photographed deer in 4 places in the park so I am not sure where each one was. But this one is one of my favorites. Looks like a picture, ha ha. Wish it was a little sharper though.
Why stop now, here are more deer. They were in the mood today to be photographed. They come out in the open after the weekend. When people are camping in here they just vanish and then reappear after they leave.
She is looking like, "have they left yet?" Sorry for the photo quality here I have downloaded this picture 5 times now and this is the best I can get. Ok maybe the blog is done with deer. While riding down a trail that runs right alone the main road there were signs of Fall everywhere. Can't wait to get Fall color pictures.
This is the trail I was taking. It is for walkers, bikers, or the occasional golf cart from a camp host, that has nothing better to do. Shhhh don't tell the boss!! It is just the right size for a golf cart. I almost got hung up once but got out. Boy if I would of had to call for help I would never have heard the end of it.  :)))
More trail...
You have heard of Where's Waldo, well this segment is where is the animals. Look closely, no not a deer, not a turkey, a little squirrel. You can just barely see him under the leaves. Turkeys are easy to see compared to squirrels, especially if you want to get a good picture. They leap tall trees in a single bound......
And this deer isn't convinced all the visitors have left yet.
So from Hardin Ridge we send you hugs and best wishes.


  1. Really nice pictures! I'm always amazed that even though deer are pretty common everywhere, people, including me, stop to marvel at them.

  2. I can't believe your babies don't bark. Scooter is pretty good but Skitz barks at everything (including plastic bags) because everything scares her to death so she has to act tough. You are taking some gorgeous pictures. And I agree with Gypsy. No matter how many deer I see, more is better.


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