Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Relaxing Evening by the Fire....

It is just one beautiful Friday night, sitting by the fire, with the one I love. And I'm not sweating! I have on two shirts, and the wienies have on...

Cooper was sitting beside me shivering so I knew if he was cold Effie would be too. Glad we brought their sweaters with us. I don't like heat...can you tell? And this fire would not be near as enjoyable if it were hot out.
Last night we were sitting outside and I saw something move under the picnic table, and this little guy came to pay us a visit...
I had to leave the Hickory nut in the picture to show you the little "bombs" that hit our trailer all the time. They are little but boy are they loud. The little toad sat there the whole time we were outside. I think he comes up to the site because we have our outside lights on and draw in bugs. He was so funny he would hop then he would get up on his feet and walk like a dog. Ever seen them do that? It is funny looking. His little throat was moving up and down, up and down. Someone asked me how we got the title to this blog to include big ole bear and his honey. Well it all started when I bought Art a suncatcher for the window that said a "bear and his honey" (because he eats honey on his peanut butter all the time.) Well he decided to expand on that and had this sign made for our campsite one year for me for Christmas. So that is where it all started.
When Jim and Mary were here, Jim chopped up alot of wood but they didn't get to use it because is rained so much so he gave it to us. Well Art didn't think we had enough so he got out the chain saw and starting cleaning up around our site :)  That is one thing they DO allow in the forest is you can pick up wood off the forest floor to burn. And not only that they allow you to bring in saws, an axes, whatever you need to cut it up. Just as long as you DON'T cut down any trees. It makes the forest look so nice all tidied up.
Only bad thing is he got stung 3 times, must have gotten into a nest.
As I mentioned Art got stung, so I went into the trailer and got an Alka Seltzer. You wet them and put them on the sting and the Alkaline neutralizes the sting and the aspirin helps with the pain. He said it helped right away. Thought I would just past that little tidbit of info on to you. 
I was getting restless and just had to get out again on the bug (AKA golf cart). So the dogs and I went on a trail we couldn't go on the other day because one of the culverts had washed out in the rain. Al put more gravel on it and so it is passable now for bikes and walkers to be on. It was just gorgeous back there, here are 2 pictures together one on top of the other just as I took them. Look at that step gorge!!!
You can see how the hill just goes up up up in the top photo. Then the bottom photo you can see the log that is leaning on the ground, and in that one it goes down down down. I cannot wait to see this in the Fall colors. Here is a picture of the path we were on...
Looking Forward
Looking Backwards from Where We Had Come
The pine smell on this part of the trail was awesome. Of course you know how much I love pine trees well I love the smell even more. And hey pine cones aren't that shabby to look at either. These two made a perfect picture...
The opening page of the blog has a picture of our trailer looking at the front. I thought you might like to see the other side and the view we have. Pretty isn't is??
And here is what our little toad friend sees when he comes into our campsite.
So From Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. I tried sweaters on the girls and they were so insulted. It is 100 here in AZ and Scooter is under the heavy quilt. So I can't even imagine a campfire yet.

  2. Good job with the blog!
    We have put it in our favorites and will follow along as you live the good life!


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