Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Home and work, work, work....

We came home today as Tuesday and Wednesday are our days off now.  I just had to come home and go to the chiropractor, as my neck has been killing me the past few days. I am sure I tensed up tremendously when I saw the car coming and it probably made the hit worse to be so tense. Anyway, I am sure an adjustment will make me feel better.  While we were here I did laundry, and I hung it on the line to dry, I just love the way they smell after drying outside all day.
Art mowed the hay field, I mean yard. Wow! It was so tall. It doesn't look very good because it is laying in clumps but at least it is cut. I also put in the freezer the rest of the peppers; this year I planted dark purple ones that are green on the inside very unique looking. Then we pulled the green bean plants and picked what was on them. We got enough for 3 meals. With all the rain we have gotten my Black Eyed Susans finally came out, they are so pretty.
The chickens were laying under the pine tree, and they were so cute they looked like twins. I love the contrast of the white feathers and red comb.
I tried everything to get a great picture of our hummingbirds here at home...nope they weren't cooperating. This little girl like to sit on the hanger that the feeder is on and "guard" it as her own personal buffet. I guess you could say this is a silhouette of her.
I wanted to share with you pictures of hummingbird nests that I found. They are so cool.
This one is two years old I keep it together with hairspray.
This is the same nest looking down inside.  Notice the white lining? We have a Cottonwood tree in our yard and she used it to line her nest.
When we found this one it had eggs in it. Three the size of a pencil eraser cut off from the pencil. 
This one I found last summer.  We had a thistle growing outside our bedroom window and it had gone to seed where it looks like cotton. I saw this female hummingbird swoop down and gather the thistle in her mouth and then fly up to the tree branch. This one was a little bigger than the first.
Hope you enjoyed those pictures. I wish I had gotten pictures of the eggs and chicks but I was afraid to bother it when they were in there. They say they reuse them from year to year but I don't see how that is possible, with the rain and snow you would think they would completely fall apart. It absolutely amazing how they get them so round and they stick so well to the tree branch plus, they go through all kinds of weather. Amazing little birds!
This is the inside of the one above. You can see how the limb is starting to come through the bottom. It is on that limb so secure, but I suppose the nectar works well as glue.

This little grasshopper was sitting on the driveway sunning himself. Notice the detail on his legs. They are a delicacy for the chickens so he had better be hiding someplace better than this. I will leave you with a picture of Jeffrey taking a bath. That was the first place she ran to when we opened the gate and let them out.
From Thorntown we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. I have always had lots of hummingbirds at the feeder, but have never seen a nest. You are fortunate.


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