Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sunsets, Cookies, Meredith, and a Turtle.....

I hurried down to the beach area Sat night and wanted to get some more sunset pictures.
My new camera has a sunset feature on it and I think it does an awesome job of capturing the colors. I will start in order of how I took them.....

It is almost a sunset rainbow...see the different colors of yellow?
The bright yellow color became larger as it went down.
I love the way the sky was becoming darker and the water too.
This is taken from a different spot on the beach, so the sky was lighter.
I have to post my new deer photo. This one looked a lot healthier than the ones I usually see in this area of the park.

She only had this one baby and he/she was bigger so probably not nursing any longer.
This Walking Stick was on the refrigerator outside one evening....
I touched his antenna and it made him mad so he raised up his L front leg at me :)) He was missing a back L leg so I couldn't blame him for being defensive.
OK it is granddaughter Meredith's turn. We babysat her last week and we went outside and took her shopping cart  with us that she got for her birthday. Someone had left a new phone book by their mailbox that must have been 5" thick. (We are talking about Indianapolis here) She just had to put it in her shopping cart to push around, I think it weighed as much as she did.

And she absolutely will not look at the camera any longer. She was sitting on the porch step looking so cute so I went and grabbed the camera and asked her if she would sit there so I could take her picture? She said, "no." Little stinker. So she was walking and I just kind of said Meredith like I wanted something and took this photo.

Her expression says it all. "What do you want, I'm busy playing."
Her hair is so fine now and won't hold a barrette. Doesn't seem to bother her, plus, it was windy. We had to follow her because she was pushing her cart around in the driveway. I just love this look she has with Art following her.

"Good grief is he going to follow me all day?"
We left Cooper and Effie in the car while we were outside because they were not staying with us and wanting to wander. I just had to laugh when I saw Cooper doing this....

"Ah Mom, hello I can't see out."
"Now, that is more like it!"
I bought a pumpkin yesterday and decorated it. I got the idea from reading Muffy's Marks, she is another blogger that I follow. I did a little twist on mine with the paw prints.

Thanks Muffy.
Then I got ambitious this afternoon and made cookies. I love to cook but not bake because it takes forever. But the outcome is sure worth it. I use the Hugs on mine because  I like the look of them better than just the solid milk chocolate kisses.

We are playing cards with the other hosts this evening and believe me they are going with us so we don't eat all of them.  Which I could do...they are good! Peanut Butter Blossoms is the name.
Yesterday Art and I went down to Southern In. close to the Kentucky/Indiana border. We went to Tipsaw and Celina lakes. They are also managed by the Cradle of Forestry that manage Hardin Ridge. I finally got my turtle but this was sure a surprise I sure didn't expect to see this guy. I was after the little duck you will see in the bottom of the photo.

Can't you find him? Little bump near the top of the photo. Ok, I'll zoom in for you.

A little closer. Look at the size of this guys head...man I'm surprised there are any ducks in this lake. I have seen what snapping turtles can do to a stick and the ones I saw were not this big. Hey Mike what about us catching this on Sugar Creek? :) Mike is my big brother and he used to take me turtle hunting when I was a little girl. He would put me on his shoulders and wade through the creek to where he put his bait. I was probably 5-6 yrs old.

He was laying on a log almost to the other side of the lake, so I'm surprised that zooming in as much as I had to didn't make it more blurry. After we left Celina Lake we went to Spring Mill State Park. I just loved this fall picture with the colored leaves coming out of the bedrock.

From Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. YOur sunset photos are breathtaking. Great job on the pumpkins, I like your added touch!!!


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