Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Bird, A Bee, and A Butterfly...oh and a snake.

I just love my mifi. We are working up at the gate house this morning and so I just brought it with me and when we are not busy I blog. We have been really busy the past few days and so I haven't had as much time to spend on the computer. Tonight Al and Dee are having Barbecued Ribs for us and the hosts are bringing in side dishes. Mmmm I can just taste them ribs! 2 of our hosts, Ann and Carl and Betty and Billy are leaving tomorrow so this is a good bye dinner too. :(  We have really enjoyed getting to know these fine people. THAT,  is the greatest benefit from doing camp hosting you get to meet so many wonderful people. Friendships to cherish for a lifetime.

I finally got a bird picture, not a great photo but wow they are hard to get in all these trees. They fly from one to another to another, and by the time I have them focused in off they go again.  This is a Downy Woodpecker, it is cute you could hear him pecking at the tree as I was taking this photo. Right where his head is there is a hole in the tree. I'll bet he was having a feast.  There has been a Pileated Woodpecker in our loop and he has been flying around making all kinds of racket. I sure hope I can get a picture of him before we leave but I have my doubts. 
Mmmm...insects, great breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
This little guy was having his breakfast too. He was sucking out the juice from this Persimmon.
He looks like he was sitting on a pumpkin, appropriate for this time of year. :)

 Ok I have been running around after butterflies for weeks, not having much luck. But I did get this one flying around the Persimmons too. He landed on my hand once but nope didn't have the camera focused there.
I have no idea what this little guy is, but he was lavender in color and was so cute.
This photo just had to be enlarged to get the full effect. The trees down by the lake are just starting to turn color. Can't wait until they are in full color the pictures then should be gorgeous.
I tried a different angle here.  I stood under the tree and looked up. I think the dark branches in with the colored leaves is a neat picture.

While we were out driving on the golf cart taking pictures, these kids on Pine Loop saw Effie and ran over and asked if they could pet her. She loves all the attention. Cooper not so much :(

I had an idea while they were blowing leaves that they all turn and face me with their blowers pointed at the camera.  Now....if they had revved up those blowers :)) I would have been taking this picture from down over the hill. Whew! Glad they didn't.

Karl, Miss Mickey, Al, Art, and Billy.  ''Official Hardin Ridge Leaf Blowers.''

I was following Al, Karl, and Art while they were blowing leaves. There are so many leaves to fall yet that they have to keep the ditches and culverts clear so that they have room. Water doesn't flow to well in packed, down leaves. Effie and Cooper lay on the seat next to me and sleep while I drive along, s l o w l y.  Great opportunity to get photos. Donnie and Kevin ended up joining them later on.

The guys were blowing the leaves up and found this snake buried under them. Guess he was making a nest in the leaves to keep warm. 
As I was sitting in the truck following the guys that were blowing leaves I was watching for traffic coming up from behind me.  I then had a thought....a picture in a mirror. It was unusual, but neat.
This is what the leaves look like when they are piled up and need to be blown out.
See how nice it looks after they get them blown up the bank.
The Harvest Moon last night was just beautiful. Coming through the trees made a great border for the moon.  Soon they will be big and orange. 

So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. Good luck getting the pileated wood pecker's photo. They are quite skittish. Enjoy this fall season!!


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