Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

1st Night in New Home.....NO Fun!!!!

Let's just say that our first night in our new home will be memorable. Yep, and not in the ways that will bring us warm fuzzy thoughts down the road. 
First of all I went to bed and thought ah I will sleep tonight.........wrong. Sleep would not happen again. Too excited I guess.
Then, I had set the thermostat before I went to bed knowing it was supposed to get in the 30's again last night.
Ok I FINALLY feel asleep but not for long. It was like sleeping on Fred Flintstone's rock hard slab. I felt like a rotisserie chicken turning every 15 minutes. My hips were killing me, and becoming more tender by the hour. Finally I fell asleep.  Then about 5am I woke up frozen like a ice cube. Now if you know me very well you know I don't get cold that easily so you know it was cold in here. I checked on the dogs to be sure they were still alive, then asked Art did you turn the furnace off? He claims no, I am still doubtful. So I am trying to find a flashlight, as I can't find anything in here yet. I find my phone and shine the light on the thermostat and it was off! Urrr....So I turn it on and the furnace kicks on. Then I decided I needed a drink of water, that is where I should have stopped!  I went to go down the steps, wrong, and ouch I caught my heel in the slats of the cold air return.....

Sorry picture is blurry, only one I took but you get the idea.

Now is you are squeamish just scroll on down......

I didn't enlarge this one. Pretty isn't it. And it hurt too.

Now I have to go into the bathroom turn on the light and get a couple of band aides as it was bleeding pretty good. I didn't want to get blood on the sheets.  So by the time I did all that I am wide awake.  So I go back to bed, toss and turn, talk to Art  and keep him awake. I asked him are you sleepy still?, He says yes, so I stop talking. It wasn't long until I hear him breathing deep so I know he has fallen back asleep.  Then.....out of the silence comes snoring from a little black dachshund, named Cooper.  Now I am feeling around for my ear plug.

Soon as we are up and ready this morning we are on our way to Walmart.  We needed help, some kind of memory foam for the rock bed.

This wasn't in the budget for this month....shoot blowing it already.

Here it is laid out getting ready to be put on the bed.

Now on a happy note, enough negative right.  This life style only gives you little bumps and you  recover so much more quickly.  I wanted to share with you the pictures we have outside our windows.  Here is out the back window above the couch....

Can't you just see a deer walking up over the hill?  

Tree right on the other side of our side window above the couch. Pretty cool having a tree this close to your RV. 
Window above our chairs. Sorry about the rain spots. It rained almost all night last night. Now that was the good thing. I love to hear the rain on the roof.
And last, what we see when we look out the window by our kitchen table. The building is the bath shower/house.  I love where the fire pit is. Will be able to see it from the window.

Remember I told you we were having a pitch in at the office for Easter.  We had a wonderful time and wonderful food. This is Al, remember him from last year? He is our boss hee hee.....he is married to Dee. I need to get her picture next time.

These were the little pine trees on a hill on the main road, that I took a picture of last year when were were here. They have grown so much and so good to see something green.

We had a good day. No we had a great day! We got our golf cart back, and I am happy happy about that. Maybe now I will be able to get some deer pictures. I saw one jump across the road when we were going up to the office.  They will be coming out soon eating the new shoots coming up and I hope they will be bringing out their baby fawns. 
 Here is keeping our fingers crossed we have a better night tonight~~ correction I hope "I" have a better night and so do my hips. :)

             So from Hardin Ridge we send best wishes and take care everyone!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

We're Here.....Really!!!!!

We're here!!  Still have to pinch myself. Was so nervous last night I couldn't sleep. I felt like a kid at Christmas waiting for Santa.  I have no idea what time I fell asleep but was awake early. Didn't stay in bed this morning and enjoy that bed, oh no up and ready to go in record time.  Now that was for many reasons, one we wanted to get on the road, and the biggest reason I couldn't stand it knowing saying good bye to Hannah was inevitable. Yep, I was doing pretty good until Art came into the bathroom to brush his hair with big tears in his eyes. I said, "Art, I was doing good, suppressing emotions until you started." Sorry Tam! Oh well I didn't want him to feel alone so I stuffed my pocket with 6 tissues and headed out to give Hannah that dreaded hug good bye. It was hard, hard, hard! I will see her in 2 weeks but still 2 weeks, seems like forever to my "Mama's heart."

We made it, got into our individual vehicles, Art the truck, me in the Mini Cooper and did the walkie talkie check. That is how we communicate while driving.  OK, right turn signal, check, left signal, check, brakes, check....go!

We left home right at 10:00 on the dot and pulled into Hardin Ridge at around noon. We made really good time but we went around Indy at a good time. No morning traffic, no lunch hour, no after work traffic. I listened to my music and talked to Cooper. Effie was in the truck with Art. That way we each had a dog to keep us company.

The welcome wagon was here when we pulled in. That is why it takes hours to set up, we talk, do some things. Then in pulls more hosts, talk some more, set up, talk. But we love it they always make you  feel so welcome.  OK here is our site......

Can you imagine how beautiful this is going to be when the trees are green and lush with new leaves.

As soon as we arrived Art put up the dog fence so we would all be fenced in and safe.  This photo turned out weird, the lighting was bad, and the only one I took so sorry, I'll get a better one in the days to come.

Cooper of course had to claim one of our chairs. See his bed is on the ground, but since he is not a dog he doesn't have to lay in one. :)

"Mom, I'm in Dad's chair not yours. So it's ok right?"
It was such a gorgeous day outside. The sun, yes, the sun was out and warm and no snow. We decided to go for a walk. Mostly this is all we saw, downed trees everywhere. The Forest Service has cut down many of them. Some had fallen over the road and they cut them up. Isn't very pretty is it?  

See those little dots way up ahead? That is Cooper and Effie. They love it that the park isn't open to the public yet (April 15th), so they can run loose without a leash.

We were walking and walking and walking, thanks Art. We were pooped when we got back to the trailer. I wanted to turn back half way and let us get broken in but he said, "oh we can make it." Sure making it to one end isn't the issue, but you have to turn around and come back! 

"Come on Mom you can make it."

Well I cannot say I was at all disappointed that we walked and walked because I got this picture. Sorry Louis, this is one beautiful bird. Al, it wasn't in flight but I was kind of proud of it anyway. I worked on the color like you said what do you think?

Red Headed Woodpecker...right Judy?  I used my bird book to identify.  He is one fancy bird, all decked out in that black and white suit and that bright red head. I was kind of proud of myself for seeing him and being patient enough for him to light on a tree I could get.  

Before I say good night I want to say thank you many many times over for all the wonderfully, sweet, kind, comments on the blog last night. I can honestly say I feel like a load of bricks is off my shoulders this evening. And boy does that feel good!!!  You have all become great blogging friends to us and we cannot tell you what that is like for us. 
Cannot wait to meet some of you one day.  And can't wait to continue to share this great adventure we are now on. For those of you who are waiting and wanting to do this is so worth it. Looking forward to reading your blogs one day too hearing all about your excitement. I sure enjoy reading the blogs I do where many of you are already full timers.

  So for the first time this year.....Best Wishes and take care everyone from Hardin Ridge.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Less Than "24" Hours....

And no that is not a movie I am recommending.  It is about us. You know the people sitting here waiting for Saturday to arrive so we can leave. I have so many butterflies in my stomach, and they are getting worse by the hour. Art and I had to run to Walmart to buy a few groceries and when were driving home I asked him if his stomach was in knots and he said yes. I was surprised. This is a man who is cool as a cucumber, never gets excited over much of anything. I felt better that he was suffering too :))  I told him I don't know how it is possible to have so many emotions all at once.  Happy, sad, excited, nervous, thrilled, terrified, all "rolled into one."  One minute I am so excited, the next I am so sad, (thinking about leaving Hannah) then I'm thrilled, then terrified (whole knew life, leaving our home of 19 yrs).  I know once we get on the road tomorrow we will feel better, it is just that initial break.

We were outside getting things hooked up.....

I guess this is the way it goes now. Art stands around and watches future SIL, Dan work on the vehicles. He was adding air to the inner tires.  Now Art claims it was easier for him because he was smaller.  Huh?  I think I'll try that next time I have a job to do that I have to get down on my knees for LOL

When the air compressor would come on Jeb, the turkey would fluff all up and gobble. Any loud sound makes him do that. Funny guy.......

"Hey, it is my bedtime, cut out the noise will ya!"  He goes to bed early just like chickens.

As I was taking pictures of Mr. Jeb here the sunset was just gorgeous.  Had to take one last photo of the sun here on the farm.  Next time they will be down on the lake.
I loved the old fence, the bare trees all shapes and sizes, and the orange sky. 

I don't know if I will be able to post a blog tomorrow.  It will take us a few hours to get to Hardin Ridge, then several hours to get set up, get our gear to work, and then we will collapse.  I will post one as soon as I can though.

For all the cat lovers out there, I took a picture of Hannah's cat, Skyler while sitting on her lap. He was taking his paw and hitting her Great Dane, Savannah on the head as she walked by them. Brave cat when he is on his mama's lap.....not on her lap, stupid.

                                               Jeb says this is his best side...:)

So from Thorntown for the last time.....best wishes and take care everyone. Bye!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stupid about Blogging.....

 I felt like I needed to add this to the post as an after thought. I did not set this blog up, my oldest daughter did. I did not ask her to put this or that on here as I didn't even know what they were. And yes, there still are people out in the world that are this dumb about computers. I did remove the live feed because I didn't care for it. See I am learning slowly. I can change pictures by myself too. Hooray!  Anyway, I did not write this post to stir up any hard feelings on any bodies' part. It was to point out how stupid I am to this blogging set up. And to hopefully gain some answers to a couple of questions I had. 

I feel really stupid about blogging.  First, for those of you who send a request about circles I am not being rude, I just don't know what to do about them. If you get ignored or what ever happens, I'm sorry I don't mean to offend anyone. I don't understand a lot about the blogging do's and don'ts. If some one would care to explain this to me I would appreciate it.

Also, there has been some talk lately about blogging ratings. I don't know what that is? Can someone explain that too.  I don't care about ratings or numbers or whatever people are talking about. I started this blog to share our lives with our family, friends, other bloggers, and future full timers.  I just enjoy doing photography, posting the pictures and writing all about our day. 

I had a comment on the blog about me commenting on all the comments I get. The reason I do this is because I want to acknowledge how much I appreciate all the comments, support, encouragement, and friendships I feel like have developed since I started this blog.  I don't do it for any other reason.

I just had to write down my feelings. It makes me feel better, and right now I could use that. 

All is ready to go on Saturday.  Take care everyone.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Old Man Winter is Punishing Us......

We should never have said it out loud. You know the part about not wanting to spend winters in IN again. Well Old Man Winter heard that and said, " hmmmm, last winter huh?? I'll show you, I'll give you one more big snow before you leave."  And he did! We got between 8-10". Not sure which we are between the two I think. When talking about 8 inches and 10 inches what is the difference, right?  The birds were out in high force today eating and another animal was out too.
Louie, remember him? The red Cardinal that fights himself in our truck mirrors. He was on the bird feeder and was looking at me.....

"Seriously, can you believe this?"  "It's Spring for heavens sakes!"

We didn't do too much yesterday. Art watched basketball....go IU!!! And I just finished doing some little projects that I needed to complete.  Today we took more items out to the fiver, arranged shelves,  and put up groceries. We have so very little left to do, finish loading up clothes, get some more groceries, finishing loading up the basement, the truck, and....oh my gosh get ready to leave. Wait let me say that again, get ready to leave. I still cannot believe it is here!  We have been dreaming of this day for years, and it is here. I am so excited, can you tell????

I looked out of the window this morning and I saw a squirrel up in the tree. He was eating an ear of corn he had found in the field. He and the corn were all snow covered. Poor little guy.....

Wonder if he had this buried somewhere?  I doubt it, he probably found it as he was right beside the corn field, and they have a tendency to knock the outside rows down when picking.

He was sharing his good fortune with the birds. So neat you could see the kernels laying on the snow and the birds were gobbling them up.....

This female Cardinal had a kernel in her mouth as I shot this picture. She needs snow boots on :)

This one cracked me up. The female Cardinal is looking at the Snowbird, glaring, and saying , "are you responsible for this snow?" " Well cut it out will ya!?"

These are Louis' cousins, Hewey and Dewey . The one on the right is taking off from the snow. I believe his feet were probably cold. The other one looks like he is laying on his to keep them warm.

I'm excited I got a new bird, for me that is. This Bluejay was eating corn too, and being mean to the others :(   They are pretty but their dispositions are not.
I was giddy when I saw this picture. Look at the bird flying away.  It almost looks like a decal on the fifth wheel. I wish I knew what kind it was, but I was focused on Louis. It was snowing (again) when I took this shot. It is neat how it shows up against his red feathers.

The next time I do a post will be from Hardin Ridge and there "better not be" any snow on the truck, fifth wheel, or ground. :)  There shouldn't be as it is supposed to be up in the 50's and 60's next week.  Whooo Hooo....I'm ready!

                       So for the last time, best wishes and take care from Thorntown.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why Are We Doing All This...?

Before I begin writing on what the title says our time at home has been shortened some. We get to leave earlier than planned and will arrive at the park 2 days before we thought....so that means, we have 9 more days left. Wow! Hard for me to even write that number. This week has just flown by with all the things we have left to do. But I am feeling a lot better, some of the really stressful items have been checked off the list and now it is just minor odds and ends to do.

Now back to the title. I had someone ask me the the other day why we are doing this, moving into an RV and leaving our sticks and bricks. Hmmm, great question why are we???  I am sure if you ask other full timers you will get many answers that are the same, and then some that are different. {It would be fun to have some of you post your responses in the comments.}  I am going to try not only for you, but mainly for me, and my memory to write it all down.

My Mom and Dad were great people. We had a good relationship and the girls and them were very close but they did one thing that I just could not stand. Once my Dad retired they just sat around and did nothing and they both were in good health. ( my Dad did mow a cemetery for a few years) But what I mean is they seemed to loose all spark for life. They watched TV all the time and it seemed like their biggest goal for the day was to go out and eat supper.  I couldn't stand it. I told Art hundreds of time I cannot do that when you retire, I will just wither up and blow away, I have to have something to do. And...this is the biggest reason, I refused to live in IN in the winter any longer.  I have to have light, I can handle the snow, the cold not so much, but I need light.  IN has the most dreary, overcast skies in the country, (according to me). Even if it is cold, if the sun is out I feel better.  I want to be able to go outside everyday, walk, and breath fresh air, feel that warmth from the sun on my face. The fact that I fell on the ice 2 winters ago and broke my shoulder did nothing to encourage my love for IN winters.  And that too is a reason, I don't want to fall on the ice or have Art fall either and break a hip or another shoulder. It hurt!

I feel like I need a reason to get out of bed in the morning. The girls have been my whole life and that is the way I wanted it,  absolutely no regrets. But they are grown, married, (almost) and now have families of their own, and so we are not needed like before. We will continue to be a huge part of their lives and Meredith's (granddaughter).  Just because you are moving into an RV doesn't mean you are leaving the country. It is no different than someone moving to another state to live. And we plan to return home, we can be back here in hours, and we will be if we are ever needed.

Now the fun reasons....can you imagine living in a new place every few months?  A different back yard to look out upon from your window. Traveling in YOUR HOME to new places and seeing new things.  Getting to work/volunteer in some of the most beautiful places in the country.  And I shouldn't say work because the camp hosting jobs we did last summer were the farthest thing from work they were loads of fun. And the wildlife, oh my gosh I cannot wait to get back down to Hardin Ridge to the deer/fawns, turkeys, turtles, birds, squirrels, toads, and rabbits.  The photo opportunities and the interaction was just unbelievable. Last year while I was sitting on that golf cart and those deer with those big brown eyes would just stare at me while I took their pictures, it was just magical for me. I feel alive and at such peace out in the woods and with animals. When I was a little girl I would spend a large amount of my time in the woods playing, I would grab my fishing pole and walk down to the creek and fish. (This was when you could still let your kids do these kinds of things and feel safe about it) I never felt scared and I never got lost. It seemed so natural to me, and so safe.

Yesterday we went to Verizon to update our phone. And the young girl waiting on us asked if we wanted to keep the second line and we said no we would be together now since Art has retired and one was enough. She asked what we were going to do now and we told her. She was just giddy with excitement. She asked us many questions and went on and on about how neat this was. She said, "if you were my parents I would think you guys are so cool to be doing this." 

One thing that I haven't mentioned is money.  When we lived in our RV last summer we lived on much less money. We didn't want to go shopping, see a movie or eat out. We were so content to just stay at the park and sit and read, walk, listen to the birds talk. Your whole mindset changes. Our home now sits on 8 acres and we are tired of mowing, raking leaves, shoveling out barns, paying property taxes, and large propane bills, and I am just plain tired of mopping a big kitchen. :)  I think I will end with that said.  Take care.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Just a Quick Update.....13 days left

Not much to tell other than the same old thing. Still going through remaining items in the house, seems like they just keep multiplying, where does it all come from??? Hannah was going through a drawer the other day and she was asking do you want this? "no", this? "no",  thi? didn't even get it out "no, no, no."  I hope I don't regret it but I don't want anything else! I said if you don't want it put it in Good Will.  There is just so much we can't do until the last minute and that is killing me. We have 13 days left,  and this week is full. Doctor apts, birthday party, getting a new cell phone, oil change for the truck, groceries for the RV, I'm just tired thinking about it.  All we seem to be doing is waiting and thinking, waiting and thinking. I am glad this week will be full so I can't think as much, although night time is what gets me. I am starting to think of all the memories that were created here at this house. The fact that we aren't selling it right off helps so much.  My nerves are pretty much shot, I have no energy, no appetite, just want to sit or sleep. I don't want to give the impression I am regretting this decision because I am not we are not, just ready for it to get going and all "this" to get over with. The last time I remember feeling this way was when we moved into here 19 yrs ago.  Still wanting to write my feelings down as it helps so much, especially your comments, you guys have been so supportive. Thank you so much!
The last time I posted the kitchen was mess. Hannah did a great job refinishing the cabinets, and here is what they look like now....

Art built these for me one year for an anniversary present.  We saw them in a log cabin and I fell in love with them. He made them out of Cedar.

Just upper cabinets. And my heart shelf is bare.

Emma says, "I like my new kitchen."  " Don't you?"

Bindi says, " I could care less, and you all take care out there."

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Details on Our New Home....

Before I write anything else, I want to thank all of you who gave such encouraging comments on the blog yesterday. The support and heart felt words that come through meant so much to me. The blogging community is certainly special!!  I started to say I don't know what is wrong with me but I do.  I keep thinking of the time with Hannah is dwindling down fast, and soon she is going to be married. And since we have lived here for so long am I going to miss anything?  As soon as we hit the road and get to our camp hosting position at Hardin Ridge in Hoosier National Forest I know I will be fine. It is just the sitting around thinking, and that gets me into trouble. Next week is so full of appts. I won't have time to think.  Al, over at the Bayfield Bunch was talking a couple of posts ago about the importance of writing our blogs and adding pictures so we can remember where we have been and how we feel in the years to come. That is one reason I did the blog yesterday, so I can go back and remember exactly how I was feeling at this time.  Ok now on to the blog I wanted to do today. I had such a great response to the post on the new home and so I wanted to add some more pictures of some of the details that we love about the Avalanche.  This cabinet is amazing I think, it has a light, plug in, and it is huge.

I have my little coffee pot in there, and we are going to put the toaster in here as well. My canister set lines the right side, just a great asset to the kitchen.

When we bought the trailer they gave us a gift card to use in their store. Now I realize this is a win win for them. You are really spending their money but none the less we bought a couple of things. This trailer didn't have a coat closet like our last one so I didn't know what to do with the broom. Problem solved; a collapsible one. 

Fully extended and then collapsed, cute huh?

And the cabinet under the sinks is huge. I have the waste basket, a basket for wet towels, and items hung up and then the little broom fits very nice in here.

See my little broom on the left.  And of course we had to have a fly swatter for those pesky flies. 

On both sides of the cabinet above are smaller ones.  We bought this plastic chest with 3 drawers, it just fit so nicely. Gives us three extra drawers for storage.
I was glad that the bedroom didn't have a big TV taking up cabinet space. I doubt we will ever watch TV in bed, but you never know. We really liked this set up, a TV but it didn't rob us of shelves and it is hidden. Plus, this cabinet is really big for more storage.

Then under neath this cabinet is 3 really big deep drawers.

In our other RV the closet doors shut with a push and latch style hook. I can't tell you how many times I smashed my fingers in them. I know this tiny of a thing doesn't seem to matter but when deciding to live in one as your home it does, at least to my fingers :)


How could you not fall in love with these drawers? They are so big and deep, and the fact that they pull out all the way so you don't have to dig to find something.  I am reserving the bottom two for canned goods.  

Cooper has learned he can sit on the bed and look out the window.  Here is watching the birds at the bird feeder and the......snow.  Yes, it was really coming down...again! 

                          Thanks for reading and everyone take care from Indiana.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

That's It....I'm Done In!!!

I'm tired, I'm feeling sick physically and I'm just done! I feel like I can't make "another" decision.  Do you want this? Where should I put it? Do you want this? Where does it go? Which cabinet? What drawer? Questions, decisions, questions, decisions.......
If this house were 200 ft bigger I would just load it all up and go, wouldn't even take the time to look through it. I think we are all getting tired physically and so we are getting grouchy and then the time is narrowing down fast and so emotionally things are starting to come into our minds. We are in NO way regretting our decision or changing our minds but I think having a wedding and moving out of your house into an RV within 3 months of each other is a little nuts. And not only is going through everything we own getting to us this is too, the mess.....

Dan and Hannah had their bridal shower on Sunday so all that was at the church came home to our table, and floors. I don't mind it is just that our house is getting in such a mess.
Remember the picture where the computer desk was disassembled and moved out...

Picture on the right shows what moved in to take it's place.
And making things worse is the cabinet handles are missing. See in above left picture. Hannah removed them all to repaint them. I don't know how many times I have went to open a cabinet door or pull out the drawer only to grab onto air. And now that all the handles are finished, time to start on the cabinet fronts themselves. Isn't this lovely....

 And where are all your cabinet fronts you ask??? How about on the driveway drying.

Hannah sanded them all down and then is reapplying Polyurethane. They will be pretty.
I forgot to include a picture of something I did in the RV. I made little bulletin boards out of the ends of the cabinets. You can buy the squares at Walmart and then you can stick them on or glue them. I then cut off the ends of straight sewing pins, as I didn't want to use thumb tacks, they would be too long and scratch up the wood. I did this in our old RV and we used it all the time, it came in handy for saving receipts or phone numbers we didn't want to loose.

 I will leave you with something pretty. While in the RV I looked out and saw our male Cardinal, Louis on the feeder, and then on the ground. He is a pain always on our mirrors on our vehicles. We have to put old hats on them to keep him off. But we love him anyway :)

Before I go I wanted to leave you with some information I heard on the news last night. Remember the Barney picture that I received from George and Laura Bush? It you remember I mentioned the 43 painted in the right hand corner, well that is because HE painted it and that is the way he signs his paintings. They said since the Presidency he has been painting portraits of dogs and people. Isn't that cool?  Made the painting even more special.                                         
                                               Take care all from Indiana.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Welcome to our New Home and My 100th Post!

This is my 100th post I didn't realize it until I started to write but what a great subject to celebrate my 100th. We tried to sell more things to day, but not as much luck as yesterday. I know people don't like to stop in the cold and then it started to rain so we had to quit. More for Good Will and we put free on some of the furniture.  I have been working in the Avalanche for awhile trying to get it ready. Some people are coming over to see it soon and we wanted it to be ready and look the way it will when we  travel and live in it.  So here it is....welcome to our new home!!!!

This is one of the new pillows that I made for our bed. I love pine trees so this fleece was perfect.
So here is the bed with the new pillows. I love the bedspread, and it is so soft.
This is a picture we bought on our honeymoon at the St Louis Zoo. We just had to bring it along, it will be 32 yrs old in August.
Dresser and family pictures. Do you like my little plant, I found at a garage sale?  I love green in a room.
This is the bathroom. The little deer on the shelf we have had for as long as I can remember,  I just couldn't bear to leave them behind.
Sink and medicine cabinet.
Of course our bigger, roomier shower. And this one has more shelves, and a sky light.
This holds extra toilet paper, and our tissues.  Notice pine trees and deer. 
I came out of the bathroom and here sat Cooper on the bed with a look that said, "take a picture of me Mom." His color is perfect for the bed spread.
Effie found her spot on the back of Dad's chair. The sun is warm coming through the window.
Cooper cannot stand his toys in the basket. I had JUST picked them up and he had to get one back out.
I love the built in end tables. That was one thing I thought made it really look like a home, plus more storage under them.
We love the fireplace, and it adds the needed warmth on chilly nights. The TV is behind the fireplace and comes up out of the cabinet. This allows the window to be open in the day time.
Here is the table and chairs with my little pine tree as a center piece.
One of my favorite parts of this fifth wheel is all the windows. These 2 little ones sure add a lot more light.
This little iron skillet has hung above every stove I have ever cooked on. So this is stove number four. I repainted some of it as it was very faded.
I finally have the decorations on the cabinets. On top too. Love the lighting that they installed below the top ones. It really adds alot to the cabinet below.
Here is the whole coach. Looks big doesn't it. It is going to make us a wonderful home.
Well that is all of the RV. I hope you enjoyed touring it with me. One more photo I wanted to add to the post. For all of my fellow blogger friends, you have 2 'new' readers....

So we leave you all with best wishes from Indiana.