Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween.....BOO!

Since I took the time to take so many pictures I decided I should go ahead and share them. Who doesn't smile when seeing little kids dressed up and having fun.  And since it is Halloween today I guess I am not too late.  I hope you like them.  They sure had fun!!!!

Thought I would start out with this cute little witch.
This was a little Boo figurine that was by a campsite. Thought it was cute.
Several campers had these webs on their back windows.
These blow up decorations were very popular. Guess you can use them year after year.
Even Frankenstein was there to celebrate Halloween.
Even with all that candy we had to eat ''food''. These are Hobo dinners on the fire. They are sooooo good! And so very easy to do.
 I don't think Batman ever goes out of style.
These two sure made a colorful couple. And mean looking :)
I know this picture is blurry but she was so cute. She was running towards us after she found this leaf. Candy didn't seem to excite her.
This little boy had a twin brother that was ahead of him. Great outfit for being in the woods.
OK this mask was scary looking. It was amazing how many kids there were and I didn't see any duplicates of costumes. Even if a little girl was a princess or witch they were different. A little girl went by with a sign on her that said "Happy Camper"
This was different. He sure doesn't look like a happy Pharaoh does he? But Dad did though.
We gave Meredith the dipping candy, because she loves to dip her food. Like French Fries into ketchup, French Toast into syrup......Well the powder is like the Pixie Sticks remember those? She gave Hannah the first bite and the powder is sweet but the stick was sour. See the expression :)
Meredith's turn next...ahh she didn't care for it either :)))
That's it for Halloween 2012 at Turkey Run.  We had a great time, and a great weekend with our family. Before you know it Halloween will be here again. ''Just love those pigtails."
                                  So from Thorntown we send hugs and best wishes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Even the Dogs Came Dressed Up!!

I couldn't sleep so I went ahead and downloaded pictures...wonder why I couldn't sleep ha ha......The kids that were trick or treating were so funny.  They would see Art standing out by the road with the bowl of candy and come running then...They would see me pointing the camera at them and then stop suddenly and smile and just stand there :) So funny!  This one little boy was just darling. He was Scooby Doo and I told him I wanted to get his picture because we had a Great Dane. Made his day. He smiled great big and kept saying cheese, cheese, cheese. Needless to say he had a 'great' smile.

Isn't he adorable?
You could see these balloons coming from way down the road. I really liked this LEGO costume.
For someone getting all that free candy she doesn't look too happy. That is what made her so cute!
Isn't it funny how she lowered her head so I could get the costume shot. So adorable.
I love homemade costumes and I thought they did a good job on these.

These 3 little boys were darling. The little one with the orange pumpkin opened up his arms to show me his wings. They were so accommodating for me to take pictures.
Even the dogs got into the costumes. We gave out dog treats and boy were they excited to get them. It seemed to make them feel big to get a treat too. The owners seemed thrilled also that we would think of their dogs. Well why not they are part of the family too. :)

Is this not the most adorable outfit. We should have put this on Savannah since she is the 'horse'.
Look at that face. I had given her one treat but I had to do another one, she was so cute!!!
Here is a little gray squirrel holding a nut. She looked so humiliated she closed her eyes, but she did take the treat from me.
There was another Great Dane in the park that looked like Savannah. She was all warm and cozy in her hooded sweatshirt. :)
OK this was hilarious. All of a sudden at least 15 kids came all at once. I just stood back and laughed at Art and took pictures. I have to say all the kids were very polite thanking us for the candy!
The campsite two down from us really went all out. They put up this canopy with this big blow up Halloween decoration. The top says Trick or Treaters BEWARE. They were smart too they were out of the cold wind giving out candy.
Can we say BLUE! This boy was good he was riding around on one of those trick skate boards. I have no idea how he was seeing but he wasn't knocking any kids down :))
I'll end today's blog with this little Tigger.  She wasn't collecting candy but she was enjoying all the excitement going on around her. I still have a few more to share but will do it on another blog. Since Halloween is tomorrow I am not out of the season yet.
                                 So from Thorntown we send Hugs and Best Wishes.

Save Me From A 'Pushy' Car Salesman.......

Guess what no pictures on this blog as we got home at 10:30pm.  Where oh where have we been? Truck shopping! OH MY GOSH....we had the most pushy sales ''lady'' ever. I wanted to just get up and walk out. She insulted me by asking me what I thought I knew about the price of trucks?? Really....do you know how many trucks we have looked at on line and in the lot.  I told her it was way over priced and she said, ''we price them to sell and it is better than car dealers in a 500 mile radius of us''. Oh come on, they set the prices high to haggle with you. I told her that and she looked like I had slapped her. Really she said, we price to sell. I said look you are not Carmax so don't give me that story.  We sorta liked the truck a little but she killed the deal. She said this is the end of the month and I have to sell another car. My bet is she was in a contest to get a bonus for the most cars sold in a months time and we would have put her over the top.  This truck was the basic model, NO power windows, crank style, no power locks, you had to open with the key, and the mirrors were manual too, unable to move from inside the truck. I told her that we wanted a little more on it and she said well shouldn't you be thinking about the truck getting you places and not the extras on it? UUURRRRRRRRR......by then I know my blood pressure was up up  up. I said you mean to tell that when you buy a car you don't get what you want. She said no, I am a car salesman, and I get what I can afford. But this is the kicker, she said when I had my Hummer I had to sell it when GM went bankrupt.  Really! You had a Hummer, and you don't buy for the bells and whistles. She just broke the deal then, we said we had to think about it and went to leave then here comes the manager. What can we do to get you into this truck? I wanted to say is this truck stolen or something why are you in such a hurry to sell it????  I would much rather buy from a private party but they are so hard to find.  I know the car lots are in it to make money, and I know she has to live like the rest of us....but there is a line not to cross and she crossed it. They supposedly are going to see what it would cost to put in power windows tomorrow and let us know.  It is going to have to be one sweet deal to make us change our minds.  Hopefully I can get more pictures in tomorrow. I had an epidural put in my back today for the pain so I am ready for my lazy boy. I wanted to let you know why I didn't get around to posting more Halloween pictures.
Thanks for letting me rant and rave.
From Thorntown hugs and best wishes.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Witches, Ghosts & Goblins...And a "Cowgirl"

Turkey Run was like a busy bee hive getting ready for Halloween night on Saturday. The campers go all out and decorate and give out lots of candy. Kids from around the county come into the park to trick or treat as it is; 1. safer 2. you can just park and walk 3. almost every trailer gives out candy. We just have a blast on this weekend. This year it was rather blustery and cold but we didn't have rain so that was a blessing. You can dress warmer but trying to keep warm and 'dry' is hard to do in a costume. I took several pictures to share, decorations, kids in costume, and of course the cutest girl there... Meredith. She came as a little cowgirl, while using Savannah, (Hannah's Great Dane) as her horse. We have a little saddle that fits her that we bought at a tack sale one year when we were buying for our horses. A gentleman had just made them for a hobby and they were so cute, so I bought one.  I want to begin with our campsite and our decorations. We didn't go all out like some did but I thought what we did was cute.  This first picture is of our site #13.

Art was ducking behind the tree to try and escape the camera.
We brought a bale of straw from home and then we added our 'touches'. In this picture the pumpkins that we carved are not out there yet. We are still working on them.

This is my little 'pumpkin man' as one little girl called him. I made the hat and scarf to look like candy corn. We punched holes down the middle of each pumpkin and then ran a dowel rod through them to stand him up.
We were getting all our decorations out and had put Savannah's stake out that we tie her to with her leash. For some reason Cooper likes to try and dig it out.  The evidence is there look at his nose :)
This was a view out our back window looking over towards another camp ground loop. The reason it caught my eye is because in the summer there is no way you see those tents.
This is the picture out our back window. Even though I love the leaves it looked really neat being just the trees.
Hannah and I had went on a walk to get some pictures of decorations. We got a call that the kids had arrived, so we headed back to the camper. Here is Meredith walking down the road to meet us. Look at those ''red'' boots! Aren't they just adorable :)

"These boots are made for walkin' and that's just what they'll do....."

It was rather windy when they arrived and the wind was making her pigtails stand straight up. So cute!
We decided to take her on a walk to see the other camper's decorations. We took the dogs with us and Meredith was bound and determined to walk Cooper.

There really is a little dachshund on the end of that lease. Even though Cooper is only 12 lbs Lindsay had to hold onto Meredith's hand to keep her from going down.
This black cat's head was moving back and forth saying.... no, no, no, no!

When I was in grade school we used to sing a song at Halloween about five little pumpkins sitting on a fence, one fell off.... and so on. That is what this reminded me of when I saw these pumpkins lined up.

Hannah and I started on our pumpkins. Bad idea. I like to carve pumpkins with the old fashion designs. You know the triangle eyes, nose and curved smile. Well this year I decided to try one of the 'fancy' designs. I was only smiling because they were teasing me. Those tiny little dots that you poke are so small I needed the glasses to see them. I heard putting flour in the holes help, but I traced mine together when I was done poking.

Hannah's is on the left. Three different pumpkins stacked on top of each other. Mine is the cat and pumpkin on the right.
Here they are lit up with candles. They sure look different don't they. I guess I am proud of mine, it could have been better but it is better than the triangles. :)

Hannah's is much neater than mine. I love the middle pumpkin, looks like he is crying.
Mine is a little more sloppy looking, but hey you can tell it is a cat and pumpkin I guess.
Here were some neat pumpkins but I believe they were already carved and lit with electric lights. It was a pretty set up and very bright.

Ok, now for the big reveal. Savannah and the saddle. She was so good and didn't mind one bit it being on. The big problem was what to put it on her with. I used vet wrap. It is the self adhesive wrap you use on animals when they have wounds. We use it too as it really helps to keep a bandaide on an injury. And it doesn't pull hair when pulled off. :)

She is making a run for it.  But we caught up with her......
But Meredith wanted no part of riding a 'dog'.  We were not going to put her on Savannah's back and let go for fear we would hurt her back. Savannah seemed nice and calm but Meredith.....not so much.
Meredith says, "I've had ENOUGH. Get me off NOWWW."  Ok ok.
Friends again, off they go in search of that long awaited candy.  Savannah says no chocolate for me!
The moon was so pretty and coming through this tree set the mood of 'spooky' for the night.
Tomorrow I will post the rest of my pictures of other children, decorations and dogs in costume, don't miss this one :)   I would have posted some from Turkey Run but I couldn't get any internet service. Not good since we are camphosting there next June :(
                              So from Thorntown we send hugs and best wishes.