Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Taking Care of Injured Truck

Today was long long long...The insurance company did call us first thing this morning and said they had called an adjuster to handle the accident. That is good they are moving faster than I expected them to. Anyway, Art and I got ready and went into Bloomington to go see the truck and see if we could find Lindsay's camera. We found it in the Rendevous where "someone who shall remain nameless" put it I guess for safe keeping.  Hint AKF. It was safe alright, no one could find it. So that was a huge relief. We took off the license plate to put back on the "old" truck. After that was all completed we went to Walmart.............. You DON'T even want me to get started on the problems I had in there! Let's just say when I got back to the car, I was READY to get OUT OF THERE! Someday I'll do an entire post on stores and what they SHOULD be like for us. But right now I am too tired to do that. I did not sleep well last night as I was anxious about today. I didn't know how I would feel seeing the truck again. That didn't bother me as much as just being back in a car did, I was a little jumpy, ask Art. Hannah said today she was too so that made me feel better, I was afraid I was making too much of it. The claims adjuster called after Walmart, Wow they are moving fast. He was very nice and wanted to know many details, like how did it happen, what kind of damage does the truck have, and her (the drunk driver) name and address. I told him she didn't have insurance and he said that didn't surprise him. He said he has been in the insurance business along time and he bet between 60 and 70% of the American people are not insured. I said why not I thought it was the law? He said it is but what they do it is go to an insurance company and buy it with a credit card, then a week later after they have gotten their plates they cancel it, and so the story goes, we the honest, hard working society suffers the consequences,because we have to carry more coverage to cover what THEY don't. Man, I could get on a soap box and go to Washington over this! Something needs to be done. The adjuster said he thinks if someone is involved in an accident without insurance their car should be taken from them, no matter how bad the damage, whether paid off or not. Ya, can't you see that happening? A few uproars and they would have it back to their way again. I just don't get it, why do people get away with doing the WRONG thing?? OK OK, I'll move on. I did get some pictures of turk (Nope) just wanted to see what it might feel like to type turkeys instead of deer. I saw a nice big Tom out riding around but he was gone the minute he saw me. They are not near as tame as the deer are. But before I get to the deer, had another interesting picture. Remember the snake in yesterday's post in the shower....well lizards can't read 'NO PETS' either. Better watch your backsides if you sit down on.....
and you thought I was going to say chair. Give you a thrill wouldn't it? :))Good thing nobody flushed or it would be bye bye lizard. OK, what kind of flowers are these, you experts out there?
Right! Wrong, they are little toad stools, mushrooms whatever you fungus experts call them, but aren't they cute? I have never seen yellow/orange ones before. Wonder what they would taste like....naaa don't think that would be a good idea. Then I got nature crazy and took this one of some little thistle flowers. The bees were going nuts on them, but did I get a bee, Nooooo
Cattails remind me of Fall and these were growing around a pond.....hmmm I thought, I'll take a picture of them, so here it is.
I said I had pictures of deer, I'll bet you thought I forgot, nope here is one, eating.....
And looking....
And then this one, poor thing she isn't looking too well. I hope she can get fattened up some before winter.
I just had to show Art the trail that Hannah and I took yesterday. I don't think he trusted me on the hills and curves. Maybe golf carts and hills scare him??? :) Effie and Cooper loved it.
Ending with this picture of the main road if we are returning to Southern Point from the beach area. There is just something about this section of the road that I just love. The trees and the small hills along the road make a perfect landscape for a road. And the pines and pine cones don't hurt one bit.
So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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