Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Pictures Speak for Themselves...

Wow! That is all I can say about this first picture. Remember when I said the hummingbirds didn't cooperate? Well one female finally did. I had been wanting to get this shot all day and was about to give up, when finally it happened.

I just had to super size it, it turned out so well. She was sitting in one of our burning bushes and you can just see the color red starting to show. I love her little toe nails and her little "big" eye. So cute! She certainly made my day.

After Art finished mowing we headed back down to Hardin Ridge. It was about 8:30 when we finally pulled in. We rolled down our windows to let the dogs put their heads out and Art made the comment how good it smelled. Do you know how much oxygen is in a forest with millions of trees? Lots! It just feels so good to breath in.  After we got back to the camper we had to unload ALL the groceries, laundry, an other items we brought back with us. Like I said still a chore here too.  But everyone has to do it, that is if we want to eat.

Today we got up and Art went out and helped Karl mow our loop Southern Pine. They did some weed eating too. It looks so pretty and clean cut ha ha. Then Art put on the back pack blower and blew off some of our sites we take care of. It really does make them look so much better. Right now there are little invisible creatures in the trees (we know because we can hear them) throwing nuts down upon us, the sites, the roads. When they hit our camper sometimes it is so loud you automatically duck and jump. It's funny that we do it after it has happened numerous times. The sites with all the half nut shells on the ground look kind of shabby and after he blows them off they look so much better. The leaves on the sites, I think, look pretty but they blow off too.  Dee called me and asked if I could come up to the office and wait for some people who were coming to rent a cabin while they and Kevin and Mickey took Pete and Terry to lunch. See Pete and Terry are leaving tomorrow to go home to Georgia. We will miss you Pete and Terry (my Paula Deen)
Here they are ready to ride off into the sunset.......sniff sniff :(

So I did some crocheting while waiting on them to return, and talked to my friend Peggy on the phone.  They returned about 3:00 and I came back to the camper and hopped on my bug aka...golf cart, and away Cooper, Effie, and I went. I was wanting a good photograph of a butterfly, nope, wasn't to be. So now I am on a butterfly quest instead of a turkey one.
I found a very pretty one but when I approached it and got within the range I wanted it flitted away.  Darn little nature creatures, why can't they sit perfectly still until you have your picture. But then it wouldn't be a challenge would it?? Sooo guess what I got instead?

                          See, even the deer are getting bored with all these photos.

 So ok I declared defeat and came back and started supper. We were having the last of our garden green beans we picked. Boy were they good. We were so lucky to get any this year with the drought and all.  Then we went down to the beach to spend the evening with Pete and Terry. She wanted me to teach her how to crochet the little scrubbies you make out of the material that looks like netting. It is difficult to work with so I ended up making them for her. Then.....she conned me into finishing her dishrags she had made. Just so you know I am kidding, I was glad to finish them for her.  And hey we arrived right before sunset, so you know where this is going don't you? I had not tried to get any sunset pictures but with this new camera gee I just had to try.  Here they are.

First One

Second One
And.....MY FAVORITE ONE...Love the layers of colors. 
Not bad for my first sunsets. So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. I just love that hummingbird picture. They, and the Carolina chickadees, are the sweetest creatures.

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