Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Twin Deer Fawns Nursing on Mom...How Could I Get So Lucky!!!

Wow! I was wondering what I was going to post tonight.....well OK how about fawns nursing on mom!!!!  How cool is that?  I am not going to keep you in suspense here we go. Get prepared for a few deer photos because I couldn't decide which ones to keep and which ones to delete. So I deleted very few :)
I saw them in a clearing down by the beach area so I followed them when they ran from me. They soon got used to the car because they stopped running. I must have went through 3 parking lots to catch up to them. Here is another shot. So cute she is lifting up her leg for them.
"Boy, there used to be more room when they were little."
Notice how the fawns are loosing their spots? And Mom is turning so gray in color. They are harder to spot now since they are not the orange/tan color. I thought Mom was looking rather thin, but nursing 2 babies all summer in the drought was probably pretty tough.
"See what I have to go through to raise my kids?"
"Hang on Mom, up we go!!"
Notice how they are practically lifting her off the ground. She let them nurse about 3-4 minutes is all. I'm sure she is ready to wean them off of her. After they ate they looked so relaxed and started having fun.
"Mmmm, boy that milk was good to the last drop."
"You got more milk than me."  "No, I did not!"
"Mom....he's biting my ear!"
"She started it Mom by stepping on my hoof."
"Wonder what that lady with the big black thing up to her eye is doing?"

Here is their beautiful Mama.
Now for a little deer Yoga :)
"Now where did those two go?"
"OK, I'm leaving now, it's your fault is you get lost in the woods."
"Ok, Ok we're coming. Think she'll notice we crossed the road?"
Alright, enough deer I guess. There is more here than just deer you know. We work and we have fun. But first comes the work, here is Art cleaning out another fire pit.
Then I went out on the golf cart to get some pictures. I went down a new trail today and came across this one little flower, still struggling to survive until Fall.
Effie says, "I'm not ready for Fall, give me back my warm sunshine."
I wanted to update you on the accident. The insurance company totaled the truck, soooo now we have to search for another one. We lost $3,000 on it. Boy was I stupid about insurance. I know loosing the money is nothing compared to our lives, but boy does that really hurt. So if anyone knows of a good used truck let us know. Tomorrow our daughter Hannah, and her boyfriend Dan, are coming to spend the weekend with us. That means cards, Euchre, Golf, whatever else we can come up with. The trees are slowly turning colors. Terry this is for you since you didn't get to see any leaves turning. I know they will be so pretty in a few weeks.
This is more than likely a Sugar Maple, they turn this beautiful shade of red.
I just loved how you can 'just' begin to see color here. 
Speaking of leaves, Art, Billy, and Carl blew leaves out of the side ditches. This helps to make more room for the ones getting ready to fall.
This is Carl. He and Ann are leaving us the first of Oct. Sure will miss them.
This is Art and Billy. Billy and his wife, Betty are leaving Oct 1st too. So sad to see them all go.
So from Hardin Ridge we send you hugs and best wishes. 


  1. I cannot believe you got those fabulous pictures. But that poor Mom. She looks like she'd like to kick both of them out of the way. Definitely time to wean. Just incredible pictures. Looking forward to leaves turning color. Here in AZ we don't have the trees so not much fall color down here.

  2. Thanks for visiting and becoming one of my blog friends. I can tell you are enjoying retirement to the fullest. Your pictures are fantastic. I think this time of our lives is the best. Enjoy everything Fall has to offer.

  3. Love, love, love the deer photos. Isn't it nice to be in the right place at the right time AND have your camera ready? How many people get to see fawns nursing in the wild? You must have been really excited!

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