Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Rainy Day and Family Visits

It wasn't as rainy as yesterday but it did rain some more. And it was so unbearably humid at times. I cannot believe how green the forest looks, or maybe it is because the trees are wet? Anyway, it looks so much better with all this moisture. I told Terena, another host, that if she ever saw animals to give me a call, as they seem to be avoiding me. So about 11 am she calls me and says,"do you want to see a snake in a shower?" You bet I do! So I drove over to the bathhouse, and the first thing that caught my eye was this...
Guess animals can't read! :)) So I went in expecting a huge rattlesnake and saw this...It is in the shower water, see how wet it is?
And this.....
We took it outside so I could get a good picture of it's black head. It's body was the color of peanut butter. So it's head could have been dipped in chocolate and it could be a Reese snake ha ha ha!
Then after the rain let up Hannah and I went out on the golf cart to see if any animals had come out of hiding and from under shelter. We saw a squirrel, now can you see him?? I had been wanting to go on the path that Pete and Terry, (from the beach area) take all the time to bring their golf cart up on because it is electric and won't make the big hill on the road. So off we went..... It was gorgeous back there, hope you can enjoy the beauty from these pictures.
It just became more beautiful the furthur in we went...
There were plenty of curves too. Hannah and I decided that if another golf cart came out of no where, on our side of the trail we were going to jump off the golf cart and take our chances hitting a tree. I don't think a golf cart would stand up as well as our truck. Plus, we decided one wreck a week was enough!
And steep hills too, wow, glad we weren't walking. The bugs were so bad too, they couldn't always catch us on the golf cart though. hee hee....
And steeper...you can see the path just go up, up, up if you look past the trees.
And now you can see the road, we are almost to the end of the path. I turned around and we went back up it.
Ok I took numerous pictures of Meredith but I will try and restrain myself and only post a few. Lindsay had put her hair up in pony tails today...she was so cute! Here she is on proud Papaw's lap...
Here she is feeding treats to Effie and Cooper. Hmmmm they didn't like these treats when I tried to feed them. Guess they taste better coming out of her sweet hand :) She is soooo smart. She knows how to unlock Lindsay's phone. It is amazing what she can do with it. I don't even know how to turn it on. I have a dumb phone so I can work it. One day I will have a Smart Phone. (maybe if I survive this blogging) Here she is on Hannah's lap watching Elmo on her mama's phone. Not much to do in a fifth wheel for a 15 month old.
I know this one doesn't show her face, (but you get to see Elmo's) but her little pig tails and hands were so cute had to post this one.
AH...my favorite time, to get to cuddle with her. She was wearing out, but didn't want to give up and nap. Afraid she would miss something.
I'm old and ready to give up so from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. I can't believe how cute she is! You can never post too many photos of grand kids! :)


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