Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cancellations and Relaxing

Well the rain from Issac is starting to cause cancellations. Terry and I went around this morning pulling cards off of camp posts that had reservations. I think we pulled around 20. The potential rain fall of 5-7" is scaring people off. I don't blame them especially if in a tent. That is miserable I know. Art and I started our camping in a 2 man tent, then we moved up to a 4 man tent. When the girls got older we bought a 4 person pop up, but that didn't last long before we wanted a port a pottie "inside" not "out!" Getting up in the middle of the night to go outside with little ones....no fun. So we bought a larger pop up with an itsy bitsy bathroom. Does only a toilet count as a bathroom? Then we bought a small travel trailer, a larger travel trailer, and now the fiver. Guess for 31 yrs of camping that isn't too bad. Now I enjoy it when it rains in the trailer it is so relaxing the rain hitting the roof. Hail...NO not so relaxing! Limbs...totally SCARY! So we'll just take rain, thank you. Art blew off the rest of the sites that needed it so we are all ready for campers to pull in tomorrow night. We have 2 on our loop so far. We now have all of Southern Loop because the other host had to leave due to family obligations. We have plenty of help so no big deal. I wanted to show you the "official" sign into Hardin Ridge. Wouldn't want anyone thinking we are making all this up. :)
The relaxing came as we drove around on the golf cart getting pictures. I am trying honestly to get other animal pictures other than deer. A lady went through the gate yesterday and said she moved a turtle out of the road so it wouldn't get run over. Ok I am happy for the turtle.......but AHHHHHHH why can't they cross when I am driving on the road. Ok I feel better, got that out of my system. Well not really because still no turkeys. They will probably be far off in the forest this weekend because of the cars. So.....here are more deer. This one is right off to the right of our trailer passed the bathroom area. She is pretty so I am happy to get her. Her babies must have been in the woods or starting to venture off with out her.
I LOVE the next three, and I HATE the next three. The series, I could not have planned better myself, but I had the flash on urrrr so she has flash eyes. You'll see what I mean when you scroll down. "Bambi are you there?"
Yes, I'm here what do you want???
"Can I see all of you for my picture?" "Sure, since you don't have a gun :)"
The we drove on down the road towards the beach and took a picture of Lake Monroe. It is not a sunset but love the shot through the trees.
This tree must be hundreds of years old. The limbs look so big and strong. I had a swing in a big Hickory tree when I was a little girl and would spend hours swinging. So when I see big old tress they remind me of my childhood and that swing. I think this is an Oak. I didn't check closely just took the photo.
Tomorrow we go get Hannah to spend the weekend with us, then we work the gate tomorrow night. Hope I have photos of campers lined up out into the road. :)) So until tomorrow... We send hugs and best wishes from Hardin Ridge.

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  1. The deer are plentiful there! I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good week.


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