Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, August 6, 2012

First Day as Camp Hosts

Well it is official...........we are Hardin Ridge Campground Hosts! We arrived around 2:30, which was good timing considering we had to go around Bloomington and construction. It's everywhere you go...construction that is. Art just left with Al, our ''Boss'' hee hee, to get our golfcart. Whew, good thing we tried to take a bike ride, we went 500 feet and turned around! Too hot, to hilly, and we're out of shape.
We were not here 5 minutes and they rolled out the red carpet. Dee our other ''Boss'' (Al's wife) arrived to welcome us, then other camp host started rolling in on their golf carts. They sure make you feel like you are at home. We LOVE~LOVE~LOVE our site. We sit up on a little hill as you can see from photo below. Our back window looks out over thousands of trees. I always wanted to live right smack dab in the middle of a woods. No lawns to mow that way either. Can you tell I am thrilled no more mowing! Wouldn't want to rake leaves in here though.
The dogs are tuckered out. Savannah is asleep on the couch. (Hannah's Great Dane) Cooper and Effie, our dachshunds are asleep also. You would think they have work their little paws off to get ready to get here.
Hannah is on school break so she is reading a book, not a nursing book, but one from the library. She never gets to read when she is in school~ too much studying. Art had his retirement party last night and so many came and gave cards and baked goods and good wishes. He is really going to miss all the people in Colfax. We hope some of our friends who camp might come down and see us here at Hardin Ridge and spend a few days. Hannah and I went for a ride on the golf cart we have nicknamed "the bug" because it has blue head lights. And we saw a mama deer and not one but two baby fawns!!! And I didn't have my camera on me, never again. Oh my gosh they were soooooo cute and she was not afraid of us at all. We are so blessed. Time to start supper, having baked beans and weiners, baked potatoes, cucumbers in a sour cream dressing and Southern Style Mixed Greens, I need my Vit B level raised my tongue is sore. No kidding I have a condition that my tongue gets sore when I am low. Had it since childhood, I know I'm weird. From Hardin Ridge we leave you with hugs, and best wishes. :)

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  1. I live 25 miles SW of Bloomington. I thought Hardin Ridge sounded familiar and it did look like southern Indiana landscape around Lake Monroe and Brown County.


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