Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Working the Gate and Messy Sites :(

Today we slept in a little bit. Since we get up so early almost everyday it is hard to sleep late. Art checked the bathrooms for toilet paper before we went to the gate. He ran into Wayne and Trenna who clean the bathrooms here. That is a paid position. We had some rowdy people on our loop last night, and they left a little present this morning. They crapped all down the outside wall of the bathroom and then they vomited beside that! They were obviously drunk. How do we know? Because they left not one, not two, not three, but FIVE trash bags full of beer cans,beer bottles, wine bottles, all over the sites they were in. And we picked up at least 200 or more cigarette butts and bottle caps, and toilet paper. Aren't people lovely when they drink. These were the walk in sites and so they feel like they can do what they want to that far back in the forest. I didn't have my camera but I am not sure I would have wanted some of that on the blog. DISGUSTING! But yet when these people check in they expect a site that is perfectly picked up for them. I wish there was some way the forest could fine them but there isn't. You just have to vent and go on I guess. So we ate supper really late, and I am so tired. We are going home tomorrow as I have to get a new filling in my tooth. We are going to stay the night at our house and spend some time with Hannah. Lindsay and Meredith are coming too. I do have a deer picture. When we came back to the trailer from the gate there she stood. Wish she would have been closer but I was happy with this one. She just stood there and let me talk to her.
Since I don't have any more pictures of animals from the park I thought I would amuse you by showing you this picture of our daughter Hannah and her Great Dane, Savannah. This was taken in Holmes County, Ohio in June of this year. She is one big dog!
She looks so abused doesn't she? Made to sit on a picnic table who ever heard of such a thing.
OK since we are on dog photos here is a big favorite of mine. Same place Ohio but with the two dachshunds Effie and Cooper. Guess someone was walking by and they all looked at the same time. Doesn't Effie look small between Savannah's big legs :)
Ok just one more.....
Are they adorable or what? Well that will do it for tonight. Not much is going on here except all the Loops are getting ready for Labor Day weekend. I will probably have 3 pages of posts after that weekend is over. The park is almost full. Oh my! So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. Shameful for the campers to have left such a mess!

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  3. I've seen that same kind of mess in some of the places I've been in. It's the weekend warriors, not the normal RVers and full-timers like us. Shame on them.

    Love the photo of the three dogs in the doorway! :)


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