Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, August 17, 2012

New "Golf" game and bad storms

Friday already, my where does the time go. This has been a fun few days for us as our friends, Jim and Mary, and their itty bitty Yorkie, Ginger are here. They had never visited the park before, well to be honest had never heard of it like many other people. They saw the pictures on the blog and decided to visit. We are sure glad they did. They live right outside the town where Art was postmaster, Colfax. They taught us this really fun card game called Golf. Yes, Golf and not played with clubs, although Jim probably would have used one on me to get me to play and quit talking. I received the ''orange tomato'' award for holding up the game the longest. I'm sooo proud of that.
I am rolling several days into this post. So I may get you confused. I do that to myself easily enough. We had a ''horrible'' storm come through this area last night. Whew! Do you know what hail sounds like inside a metal trailer? LOUD! Our friends Jim and Mary were riding it out with us in our trailer and Mary I were a little jumpy and Jim and Art were oh so calm. Men! Where do they get that from? Guess us women get freaked out enough for the both of us. Anyway, the hail didn't do any damage we were afraid of it breaking our vent covers or the glass on our front door. Neither of us had any damage but the manager of the park had a big tree limb come down and go right through the roof of their car, and another camper had about half of a dead tree come down on their vehicle busting their windshield. So this morning all of us were out picking up sticks and the men were blowing off the roads and sites with blowers. You know how many sticks there are in a forest to pick up after a storm. Uh huh........lots and lots! But we got the sites pick up to were they were better for the campers this weekend. The storm did bring in cooler weather. It has been so hot and humid the past 2 days. The rest of the weekend is in the 70's. Ahhhhhh! (sorry no pics of storm damage too busy cleaning up) Next time.....NO we don't want another storm for pictures :) I have been trying for days to get a good photo of a Tom turkey that I see all the time. Yesterday as I was going up to the office to get our laundry done there he stood. Did I have my camera noooo!! Then this morning as we were going to the gate there he was. I had the camera out all ready to snap and a car came whizzing by! URRRR. I'll get him sooner or later. So I have this shot but I want a better one.
OK here is the best shot I have gotten of the two fawns. I am so proud of these pictures. They were so close and just stood there and let me photograph them. They are such precious animals.
And the other twin.....
Here is a picture I took coming out of our campsite onto Southern Point Loop. The sun rays were just gorgeous that morning. Not as professional as the other one I posted by Dee but I'm proud of it. Hope you like it too.
Here is the gate that we work at. It is really a neat structure on the outside. It reminds me of a lodge with the big beams.
When we work at the gate we take Effie and Cooper with us. Since he hurt his back we can't leave him in the camper or he might jump and hurt it worse than before. So they lay in the ''dog'' stroller and sleep or bark as some might tell you.
I now have at least 4 hummingbirds, maybe more. I snapped so many pictures trying to get 2 on the feeder. Well I ended up getting 2 in flight, thought that was lucky.
Did you see both of them? I didn't have the flash on so it is a little blurry. I just love the way the paths look in the park. You have to wonder where they go don't you? Makes you want to walk them to find out. Some of the trails are bike trails too. Nope not in shape to do them either.
Funny how the leaves look a different color. The paths are going in the same direction too. As I am sitting here typing this blog I am in back of the office on a picnic table. And this is what I am looking at......
These are the forest service mules used to go into the forest where there are no roads. They have helped to find people who are lost. There have been 5 deer and 1 Tom turkey walking around out there with them. Too far to get a good picture, plus the fence would not look good. The last photo of the day is Miss Ginger, Jim and Mary's little girl. She weighs a whopping 3.8 lbs. I told them she reminds me of Farrah Fawcett with her long silver locks around her face. She is so adorable. She slept right through the storm last night on Jim's lap.
My leg cramps are better, last night I had one but not as severe. I started taking the Magnesium/Calcium supplement. Thank you to all who sent me tips on how to help. When Art was first diagnosed with CMT, which is a neuro muscular disease, they put him on Quinine and that really helped the cramps he got then they took it off the market. URRR again. I was told Tonic water has it in there so I may need to try that too. Gypsy, I am going to walk this evening and I walked some a little while ago and that helped with the muscle pain. So from Hardin Ridge we leave you with hugs and best wishes.


  1. Be sure to stretch before and after the walk - that's important. I just touch my toes to about the count of 20, then cross one ankle in front of the other and touch the toes, then reverse the ankles. Those 3 stretches are good. I've tried tonic water in V-8 juice, but I think I'd need a lot of gin to mask the taste of the tonic (quinine). It's horrible! I can't believe all the wildlife you have in that part of the country. Sounds like you are at a good place.

  2. I know stretching is important I need to remember that. Yes,we are so lucky. I keep expecting to see a bear come strolling out of the woods.


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