Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Day 2 and Hummingbirds!!!!

Hello again. We were so busy yesterday I did not have a chance to blog again. I wanted to clarify one thing. I mentioned that I could not send many pictures because of Word, really it should be because of the Wifi here. It will not let you load a big document. I may be starting a blog or using some other program like Shutterfly, so I can download more photos. I have gotten so many good ones and it is frustrating not being able to send them. Ok now that ''that'' is out of the way on to our day. This morning Art and I worked in the gate collecting fees from campers. That was fun! Well for me it was I was in air conditioning and Art was still out in the heat. He can come in the office to sit down and cool off between campers but he says that makes it worse. Yesterday, we officially got our name tags, and work shirts. I fee like Terry Irwin in my khaki shirt. Will have to get pictures in our uniforms. We had a safety meeting and we were told we couldn't get drunk and work here. Darn......I just love that whiskey gonna half to give that up. If they let us drink iced tea we are good to go. :) The drought is effecting this forest a lot. They said snakes are dieing due to the extreme lack of moisture. And the bees are terrible. They are searching for anything with moisture. Those who have been stung have suffered severe reactions, one ending up in the hospital twice. They seem to be something different than honey bees. I have TWO HUMMINGBIRDS! Can you tell I am excited! We have a window feeder on the back window and they have been coming there to eat, plus I have one hanging up on a post they have here at the site.
Sorry about the poor quality in these pictures. I didn't have my new Nikon Coolpix yet.
I cannot tell you how beautiful our site is. The back view is just incredible. Wish I could post a panoramic view for you to see. The mama deer and her 2 babies seem to be staying right around our loop. Saw them again this am but we were in a hurry to get ''to work'' and I didn't get to take a picture. I want to get one before the fawns loose all their spots.
Art, and Hannah are taking naps. We have had early mornings while being here. Well I believe that is all for now. We send you hugs and best wishes from Hardin Ridge.

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