Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Turkeys, Finally got Turkeys!!!!

Ok here they are and aren't they beautiful.....worth waiting for. This one is Dolly. Yes, named after Dolly Parton, and I'm not going to tell you why :))
This one is Easy, because she lets you pet her anytime and is "SO" friendly. She is sooo sweet, and yes turkeys have different personalities.
This beautiful couple is Belle, (because she is a blue color) and Jeb our handsome, barn yard police officer. Or so he thinks!
Notice his poor "little" tail feathers. He has molted them all off. He usually has the biggest most beautiful tail. When he struts his stuff he has it all feathered out. By now I'm sure you are figuring out that these are not turkeys at Hardin Ridge. Yes, these are our turkeys at home. The big white ones came from Purdue University in Lafayette, IN. A local girl in our area was taking a vet tech course there and they were studying the behavior of the turkey. Why? I have no idea, guess to see if they get nervous around Thanksgiving. Anyway, her mom and dad were driving by our farm one day and saw our THREE turkeys we had. They wanted to know if we would be interested in taking these white ones because they were going to euthanize them. We said sure we would take them, thinking there was only 2 or 3. Nope there were SEVENTEEN! Look at those faces how could we say no. We now have 4 left out of the original 17. They are meat birds and are not intended to live long lives. These 4 we have left are now 2 yrs old. That is a long time for them to live. Two of them are having trouble walking so they have been retired to the retirement/hospital pen. Jeb and Belle were bought at a sale barn. Jeb is so funny he is so protective of the barn yard and all the things in it. Ask Hannah and Art hee hee....he has never come after me :) Moving on from turkeys to geese....
We only have two of them named...the one at the bottom left is BG (baby goose), and the white one is Jeffrey, oops she is girl. Didn't know that until she grew up, but she knows her name so we left it. BG came to us with a baby duck and so we called him BG to tell them apart. Like we couldn't anyway. The other geese in the picture are descendents of a goose we had for 23 yrs. She just died this summer. We got her when Lindsay was 2 yrs old and Lindsay is now 25. I had no idea they lived that long. This little cutie is Socks. He is the only goat we have left out of 16 or so. He is a little Pygmy. The girls used to have so much fun with the goats. They played better than the dogs. They would run and jump and when the kids were born they were the cutest things ever. And we all know how to milk by hand thanks to the goats. And no, we didn't milk the Pygmys just the Nubians. Since this is my blog I can brag and tell you I was the fastest! :)
He is like "wathcha doin'?" "Got any bread?"
Art just had to start working on cutting up the tree that fell a month ago. Was going to wait until we got home for good in Oct, but he didn't want it killing the grass.
The main reason we came home was so I could go to the dentist. I lost a filling in one of my teeth and didn't want to take the chance of breaking it off. I'm so sorry Dr. Walker that you ended up in the post called Turkeys. He is such a sweet guy. If anyone got a joke out of being in this blog it would be him. He has his practice in Crawfordsville In, and he is one of the most generous men I have ever met. He was really bummed today to learn that I won't be making any more of my Black Raspberry Jelly to take to him. The trailer is a little small for that job, plus, the berries are more expensive than gold. Gee, just wanna eat it not wear it. So here is Dr. John Walker, he was so kind to poss for my blog. Thank you Dr. Walker for the toothpaste too. We promise to use it.
Notice the Colts' room? He is an avid sports fan and has his rooms decorated in all kinds of sports memorabilia. Very neat! Well I have to put at least one thing from Hardin Ridge, so here is a little toad that was sitting outside our trailer last night when Art took the dogs out. I just love little toads. Don't know if boy or girl, married or not, but he is posing quite well wouldn't you say?
So from Thorntown we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. I've always wanted to have a goat - you're lucky to have barnyard animals - the turkeys and geese are neat, too. I DID have some egg laying hens for a few years. They were so much fun, became pets, probably your turkeys and geese were the same. :)

    So who is taking care of all the birds and animals when you are in the rig?


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