Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Family, and.... Meredith, Meredith, Meredith :)

WARNING! If you are not a fan of cute, adorable, precious little girl pictures, you might want to skip this post! NO! Don't you dare..... Today our family came down to visit. We hadn't seem them for a couple of weeks and was missing them. We took a ride in the golf cart, we look a little squashed. That is Tom with granddaughter, Meredith, Lindsay our oldest, and of course me. Meredith liked it for a while then she became bored and wanted off.
When we got back we found Effie asleep in the sun in a chair. (notice the little roll on her belly) Like Mother, like daughter hee hee....
She loves the sun and it was a really nice day today and she was soaking it up. Meredith decided to take Cooper for a walk, yes, there is a little black Dachshund on the end. And Tom in the background.
Effie, is not the only one who decided to soak up some sun. Lindsay is always cold, where as her Mom is always hot! Maybe it has something to do with age?! Notice to the right who got the comfortable chair? What we don't do for our dogs. Any others out there like us? Yep I knew there was :))
Then Art and the kids decided to play the new card game we learned this week called Golf. That is Lindsay, Tom (with funny smile), Hannah, and Art. Hannah won! Tom wasn't happy about that.
Meredith decided to amuse herself and got her bottle and walked the campsite picking up nuts that fell the other night in the storm.
We then went down to show them the lake. This is the largest lake in Indiana at 10,750 acres. It is a beautiful lake and the trees surrounding it are so pretty. Can't wait to see the colors this Fall. Yesterday, there were hundreds of boats out there.
This is one of the cabins you can rent here at Hardin Ridge. They rent for $50 night with a $75 deposit that is returned when you check out after the cabin has been checked.
This is the view from the cabin's porch looking out over the lake. Stunning isn't it? You see the fire pit where you can build a fire and watch the sunset.
Then we took Meredith to the beach oh she loved that. She couldn't wait to get into the water. It was 80 degrees they said. Lindsay and Hannah took turns taking her out. She wanted to sit down so bad. Lindsay was busy picking up little shells.
After the beach we took her back to the playground at the beach area. She was crazy about the slide as you can see from the photos. Notice you don't see Mamaw and Papaw up there.........:)
And one last one, she was just standing there so cute, looks like she is thinking, "hmmmm wonder what I can get into next?"
It was hard to say good bye but Hannah and her boyfriend, Dan, will be here next Sat. Then Tom, Lindsay, and Meredith are coming back for Labor Day weekend. From Hardin Ridge we leave you with hugs and best wishes.


  1. You have a beautiful family, and little Meredith is just gorgeous! When my daughter & her family visited me at my camp hosting job I took the kids for a ride in the golf cart also. Fun, Fun.


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