Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

31 Yrs. Married to the Same Guy....

Today is our 31st anniversary. That is so hard to believe. Where does the time go? I sure wish we knew then what we do now. We would do some things differently but then probably not the mistakes we make are called life. We have had a wonderful marriage and I have been so blessed to have a husband treat me like Art does. I told people at his retirement party that he treats me like a queen and has for 31 yrs. We are so blessed and have 2 beautiful daughters that God blessed us with. And now a granddaughter to carry on our family. I know some people would think us crazy to spend our anniversary the way we are out in the middle of the forest but we are so happy to do just that. No cards, no gifts, just being together doing what we have always dreamed of doing. THIS is our anniversary gift. Funny when we were first married and after the girls were born my Mom and Dad would watch the girls so we could go out for dinner. Couldn't wait to get away and have a quiet meal just the two of us. Almost without fail we would be seated beside a couple with small children and would miss ours and end up talking about them the whole time. Then couldn't wait to get back home to them. We still love to be around them!!! We started the day working at the gate from 9-1. We didn't have them lined to the road but we had a few come in. At least it made the time go faster. Answered several phone calls regarding if we have sites for this weekend or cabins. No, on the cabins but yes we have sites, all the walk in sites are available right now but most of the reserved sites look like this.
This weekend they opened up the sites on Eads. Do you remember the post where Art and Karl were blowing leaves? I took a picture of 2 sites in that loop. This is a primitive loop. This one is number 21 it is very nice, if we had a tent this would be one we would consider.
Then from the parking area for your car this is where you would put your tent and you can see your fire ring. Love the view. The sites are larger than they look in a photo. Wonder why they don't gain 10 lbs like we do? :)
I love love love this one. This is site 23. We are still in Eads.
I know what you are thinking where do we put the tent? Well you walk down a path to the tent area. Cool huh?
I turned around once in the tent area and looked back up towards the parking area. So you can see it is not a long walk. This just gives you more privacy with going down into a little valley.
This is what you would be looking at if you were sitting on your picnic table. Hard to get used to wouldn't it be? ha ha....almost looks fake. This particular loop I see lots of hen turkeys eating in the grass. I know I know what turkeys? One day you just wait I will get them. Good thing I am not a hunter and need to get one to eat. No couldn't do that, I would just have to eat beans.
This is the price sign at the gate. This is better than me trying to tell you all the prices. Should have done this in the beginning of my blog. Oh well better late than never.
Can't say we didn't get any gifts for our anniversary, this mother deer was so kind to be eating with her twins by the road so I could get these photos today. They are smaller than the ones I have photographed before. So cute! This one picture is the only one I could get with her and both babies then they split up and I could only get the one baby the other one was eating too far away from me.
One of the twins eating.
Still eating.....Look at those big brown eyes, so precious.
Oh this one.......ahhhhhhhhh Wouldn't you just love to be to pet and love on this one. If it had been a tiny bit clearer it would be just perfect.
Then they moved off unto a trail. So I thought I would walk up to them and get closer. Nope! They like you better on the golf cart, guess they are more used to seeing people that way. Look at that white tall starting to come up and those ears. Seconds later they were bounding down the hills into the woods and safety. They sure were sweet to let me get the photos I did.
The mosquitoes and bugs were eating me up on the trail. Can you say bug spray? Yikes! Effie says all this camp hosting is wearing her out. This is after we came back to the camper after the gate. She is used to sleeping most of the day at home, so she is not used to all this socializing and work. What work, this is fun. Shhh don't tell. We want to come back next year.
We had beef n barley with onions and carrots for our anniversary dinner and rolls. The dogs had Little Cesar Flavored Filet Minon (ya right). They scarfed it down faster than I could get a photo. Effie is getting smart when she see me coming with the camera she either turns her head or shuts her eyes. Cute isn't she? Cooper is doing dishes, just like Art is doing right now so I can finish this blog. Sweet huh?
Oh wait before I go I had a thought, since I do all the writing on this blog I thought gee Art didn't get to say anything for our anniversary so I asked him, "honey, what would you like to say to me for our anniversary?" He said, "you have been the best wife and mother in the whole wide world. And I love you very very much!" Just kidding he actually said, "Happy Anniversary Honey." Not really can't tell you what he said because I didn't ask him. hee hee me bad! Better go now before I get into more trouble. From Hardin Ridge we send our hugs and best wishes. Now off for our anniversary walk in the night. Boy it is dark out there.

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