Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Blowing Leaves on Eads, Dan and Hannah visit

****For some reason some of the pictures I downloaded as large came out with double exposure. So I downloaded them as medium and they came out ok. You should be able to click on them to enlarge them. What caused this, the stars weren't out! Just kidding who knows. **** Here is a good picture of my baby Cooper. He looks so innocent sitting here. Hard to believe he can be the little pistol he is at times. But I still love him :)
We had kind of a relaxing day. Well I did ha ha.... Art went with some of the other guys and blew off the roads in Eads. That is another primitive loop in the park that has not been open because they did not have a host for it. But they have reservations for it for Labor Day weekend so they started cleaning it up to get ready for the last big weekend. Here is Art and Karl blowing leaves, branches, nuts, squirrels (kidding) etc.
In this picture you can see the difference in the road where it has been blown. They wear back pack blowers and boy did they do a great job. Where were they when we were blowing our leaves last Fall?
After Art finished with blowing leaves he came back and showered and I fixed a fast and gooey grilled cheese sandwich for our lunches.
Hannah and her boyfriend Dan were coming down to spend the day here. Hannah has been here many times but Dan has not. This is a picture of them in my new swing and Art and Effie Mae enjoying the outdoors too. Isn't she a cutie? OK Art you're cute too. You just don't have the little Mohawk going on :)

This is Terry she makes magnetic bracelets. They are sooooo pretty. She used to get migraine headaches really bad until she started to wear these and now she has not had one for years. She made the girls each one and Hannah's was a tiny bit too little so we went down to the beach for her to resize it. When she finished with Hannah's I "casually" asked her about yellow beads as our anniversary is next week and I had daisies as flowers. So yellow and white is what I was wanting. I thought hmmmmm that would make a pretty bracelet so here is Terry making it for me. Here is a picture of the three she has done for me. Believe me the picture does NOT do them justice. If I put the flash on it made the beads a different color. They are gorgeous and guess what you can put them on by yourself! They just ''poof'' fasten themselves. She sells them at festivals and to other camp hosts who go down and bug her. hee hee....
I wanted to show you my new bird feeder. Art and I went to the National Forest Office in Bedford to look around and they had these bottoms to bird feeders you attach to empty pop bottles. Isn't that clever? Seems great to be recycling in nature.
We grilled hamburgers for dinner and then, even though it was humid outside we just had to have fire. I LOVE fire pictures, and this one really captured the spikes in the flames. Almost looks fake.
This was the view from my chair as the fire was getting started. The sun was coming through the trees and was so pretty. Was happy with the way it turned out.
Then we had to say good bye to Dan and Hannah. Sniff sniff, but we will see her Monday as I lost part of a filling in a tooth and have to go to the dentist. Fun fun! (Gonna sue McDonalds, I was eating their yogurt with Granola) Not really, just kidding. Cooper pooped out on my lap.
Before I sign off I wanted to tell you some people have informed me they are leaving comments and I am not getting them. If you have left a comment and I have not replied I am sorry.... Lindsay HELP! If you are wanting to leave a comment do so at the bottom of the blog entry by my name that says posted by Tammy Fletcher. It is set up to go to my email account and I should get it that way. I would love to hear from you who are reading this. Any suggestions I would love to have them and maybe I can accomplish them. So comment away all :)) So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. Testing comment, testing comments.....did you get this comment?

  2. Think I may what the problem is on the comments, I check into after church and let you know. Love ya!

  3. Hey just found your blog this morning. Enjoyed your posts. Especially since you are workkamping.

    Do you guys plan on fulltiming and getting rid of the house? We currently still have a house and stay out 2 to 5 months at a time.

    Hope You enjoy living in your RV

  4. One more comment. Was curious what plug in or program you are using to have the little reply button at the bottom of each comment. It allows you to reply specifically to each comment. I have not been able to figure that out on our blog. I was hoping it is a blogger add on thingy, but can't figure out how to make it happen.


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