Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Comments...We Figured Out the PROBLEM......

OK, now let me see if I can explain this. Some people have been sending me comments and I have not been receiving them. I know this because I talk to them or they email me "personally"and tell me. I was talking to Lindsay, my daughter who put this blog together for me to do, and with the help of my brother, Mike we got it! What people are doing is responding to the emails that Blogspot sends out to tell you that I have posted a new blog. If you signed up your email to get these and you reply to that email it "doesn't" come back to me, it goes into Cyber Space I guess. You need to comment in the box on the ACTUAL BLOG PAGE. That comment then comes to my email account or I can read it on the blog like you all can. Also, if you just read the blog that comes through the email (from Blogspot) you will not get the pictures. You can click on the title of the blog at the top and that will take you to the blog page that has the COMMENT box at the bottom. Just type your comment, and hit publish and that should be all there is to it. Thank you to those who did the comment test for me. Now I need more of you to comment. We LOVE to hear your comments. It is like talking on the phone but no one responds if you don't comment once in a while. :)) If you have any questions or still have problems here is my email address, write to me here. atfletcher@frontier.com Thanks for your patience. I couldn't do a post without a photo....who can get enough of our adorable granddaughter. Here she is making sand box soup :)


  1. Your granddaughter is such a doll!

    I know what you mean about comments. I write my posts for myself - and I'm so glad I have a blog because it's a great record of what I doing and where I'm going - but it IS nice when you gain more followers and your posts get comments. Keep at it, the longer you post the more comments you'll get.

    I notice you don't have a "blog roll." If you sign up to become a follower on a bunch of blogs, you'll have more people coming over to your blog, too, and some will become followers like I did. Then THEIR readers will see you on THEIR blog roll and check you out, too, out of curiousity. That's how I've gotten a lot of the blogs I follow.

    You can put a gadget called a blog roll (I think) on your blog that shows who you follow. That's how I see which of the blogs I follow has posted something recent so I can keep up with them.

    It all takes time. And you probably have lots more people reading your posts than you realize, they just may not be commenting yet. :)

  2. I love checking your blog every day Tammy. Sounds like you and Art are having fun!


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