Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Smokey the Bear turns 68!

Today was absolutely gorgeous outside. If Indiana weather was like this all the time, wow, I would love it here. The hummingbirds this morning were playing at the feeder. Even though they like it hot they seemed to be enjoying the cooler weather. I wanted to down load the picture of the swing that Art bought me for our anniversary. We will be married 31yrs, on Aug 29th. I told him the only things I missed while being here are our family of course, and my porch swing. He said he could take care of one. He said he would buy me a swing for our anniversary. Isn't he a sweetie? So we went to Lowes while at home and bought one and we put it together a couple of nights ago. It is so comfortable. I just love it. It has an awning but we don't need it under the awning under our trailer. Cooper, Effie and I sit out there and listen to the night sounds and it almost puts me to sleep. Ok.....sorry Hannah I must have deleted the picture of the swing, I'll have to take another one. We had one exciting and busy day in the park. It was.......ready for this? Smokey the Bear's 68th birthday! We had a birthday party for him here and we decorated, had a cake, I painted faces on the kids. Boy did they challenge me. Nope didn't want a flower, how about a Black Widow Spider, or Breast Cancer Ribbon, not one but 4 paw prints. I had fun but my hands looked like a rainbow. All different colors. They had games, and prizes and the kids and adults too had a ball. Being in the National Forest is just so much fun with many new experiences. What makes it so fun is working with all the other camphosts. Art, Karl, and Kevin worked the gate so us ''ladies'' could entertain the party goers and the kids. Some of them are just too funny. Did you all know we have Paula Deen here? She is now called Terri but hey she is quite the Southern Bell and she even let me paint a ''pink'' bear claw on her face for practice.
This is fellow camphost ladies, Terry, Joyce, and myself.
Then we have the whole crew with Smokey. There are some missing but they had their photo taken too.
And the golf cart, you all know how much I love that. I told Art I think I want a Smart Car after driving a cart around. Getting in my Rendevous to drive I feel like I am in a truck, and the truck, sheesh a semi. But here the most dangerous thing to hit us is another cart or camper, so the odds are in our favor not like they would be out on the Interstate. We are eating our supper of grilled chicken and baked potatoes. Then we went down and checked out the beach and the beaver home. Here is a photo of him carrying building material back to his wife. They live in a cove on Lake Monroe. Well it is late....we had a pitch in tonight with all the camphosts and then we played Euchre. That a fun day. So from Hardin Ridge we send out hugs and best wishes.


  1. Oh how wonderful it must be to have a swing! Now I'm going to want one - see what you started!

  2. It is wonderful, I just love it. We will have to figure out a way to take it with us where ever we travel :)))


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