Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Pine Trees...and Internet Ya!!!!!

I know it is Friday and I am so sorry I didn't get a blog done before now but I haven't been going up to the office. It is so hard to sit up there and wait for the photos to down load. We now have Verizon MiFi. It is great! I am downloading photos in 15 seconds. And since I have internet now in the trailer I should be able to post more often. Thank you Art! This is what I am love with.....ahhh life is good now. We have internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yesterday and Monday was our days off. We had to go home on Monday to do some banking and then we visited with Hannah for a short time then headed back. Oh it is such a long long drive! 2 1/2 hours. And doing it twice in one day is long long long. The traffic isn't too bad but the scenery isn't pretty. Corn and beans and they sure aren't pretty this year. It is amazing to me that when you get into Southern Indiana the whole landscape changes. It is hard to believe you are in the same state. It is so hilly and millions of trees, neat rock formations. There is more than corn in Indiana. :) Yesterday, Tuesday, we went into town to do our grocery shopping. One thing bad about an RV is the small refrigerators. You have to shop frequently so you have storage for it all. When Jim and Mary were here they were in at Target in Bloomington, where the college IU is at. The store was having great sales for the returning students. They called and said they had a 3 foot refrigerator on sale for $99 we said GET IT! It is so nice. That is my ''Colorado" Blue Spruce tree on top. I got that when we were Rocky Mtn National Park a few years ago.
Any kind of pine trees I love. Well I have to be honest I love trees period. I have a little pine sitting on our kitchen table too, isn't it cute?
I love to collect pine cones where ever we go to. There is nothing more neat than burning pine wood, it crackles and pops, and it shoots little fire works out. Smells good too. So when Art and I got back into the park last night we took off on the golf cart to get some pictures of the pines in the park. I am not sure what these little ones are ?? We stopped in the office to view the chart on pines, yikes there are SO many different species. If you are a tree expert you may know these, I just think they are cute. I know my white pines we have several of them planted at our home. Anyway I snapped some photos for you to see.
Then these ferns grow in here too. I think wild ferns are so lovely. The way they feather out is neat.
Then of course I couldn't do a blog without my deer photos. I'll bet you think the only animals in here are deer. We have a little chipmunk who is filling up on bird seed under my feeder but he is too skiddish for me to get a photo of. We have been told there are raccoons in here but we haven't seen any. And I see squirrels all the time but they are up in the trees and I don't have a good enough camera to get those shots.
I made chicken pot pie, and chewy peanut butter bars for our mangers Dee and Al. Dee had surgery and is getting along great. Then after we dropped that off we came to the gate to work our evening shift. Wed nights are usually not very busy. It is Thursday and Fridays are where the campers start rolling in. The camp ground is going to be packed for Labor Day weekend. I hope the weather is nice for all who are coming. Art finally finished blowing off all is sites. They were a mess after that storm we had last week. Needed to get them all nice and ready for campers this weekend. It really makes the sites look so much nicer to be blown off of leaves, twigs, nuts, etc. And I'm sure it makes for better sleeping in a tent with nothing poking you. We took the golf cart out to get more photos. I wanted to get one of the ponds. This one is on the loop Blue Gill. You can see the mother deer and their babies there quite frequently getting drinks. I love the way the trees reflect in the water.
OK it is now Thurs morning. We are back at the gate again. I didn't get this published last night as some friends of ours came over to see our camper and we taught them the new card game Golf. They seemed to enjoy it. I am beginning to think the animals, especially the turkeys wear metal detectors and when they hear me and my camera coming they scatter. I drove the golf cart to the gate this am hoping to catch some out feeding, Nope! they were in seclusion. But...last night when we left the gate house ( and I did not have my camera) there they were. urrrrrr so frustrating. I would be really frustrated if we were leaving in a week but since we are going to be here until Oct 15th, I should ''someday'' get them. I wanted to show you I did with some of the down pine limbs and pine cones we lost during the storm last week. They were so pretty laying on the ground why not use them. This is a little bear statue I have on the picnic table. Doesn't it make it pretty and woodsy looking.
Good news the fire ban has been lifted from high to moderate. So now people can have bigger camp fires. But not too big :) Maybe the drought is coming to an end here in Indiana.
Well we have been invited to our friends Pete and Terry for pie....mmmmmm So from Hardin Ridge we leave you with hugs and best wishes.

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  1. I have always thought Brown Co. Indiana was so beautiful, and people just don't realize how different it is than the northern part of the state.
    Mmmmm, I love chicken pot pie. Haven't made one in years.


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