Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Wow" She's Gorgeous! Who?

Here she is! I am so proud of this picture. I was able to get this of her before she went down over the hill. She had been scratching her leg which made her fur ruffled, it would have been perfect if her fur had been smooth. I know I am being picky, this is nature you can't expect perfection. She is a very healthy looking doe. There were no fawns with this one and so I don't know if they had left or she didn't have any. She seemed a little more skiddish than some of them so I am not sure I had seen her before. Usually the fawns are in close proximity of mama if she had them.  Look at that R ear she was not sticking around and she didn't. But I was so lucky to get this with the beautiful fall colors behind her.

Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful.
This is the Main road, and the Pine loop.
I just love the collage pictures. Have you seen the ones where they put a picture of each season? Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, well I am hoping to get that.  We are going to drive back down to Hardin Ridge this winter because I want to get some snow pictures in this gorgeous setting. Then when we go back in April we will be Spring, then we will get summer and I already have Fall. Now I have to decided which photo to use so I can get the exact location.

Mom and two babies eating beside our campsite. Look at those gorgeous leaves.
"Hey, you want a picture of our tails?"
These were the two babies in the above photo. Of course it is obvious by now that I just love deer. I love their big brown eyes, their ears that are outlined in the black this time of year. And their tails. When running you always see the big white tail up in the air. This is a different look and aren't they so pretty.

 One evening Art and I were sitting outside playing cards on our picnic table. All of sudden this extremely loud noise startled us.  It sounded like an elephant when they raise their trunk and blow. (don't know the scientific name)  It happened over and over, moving all over the forest behind our campsite. We kept saying "what is THAT?"  It finally stopped and we didn't think anymore of it. We did ask some other hosts but they didn't know either. Well this photo above finally cleared it up.....
 I was on Pine Loop watching this doe and her fawns., their photo didn't turn out :(  unfortunately.  They were eating leaves and nuts and all of sudden this doe looked up in the air, her ears pinned back some and she went...BAAAAAWHOOOO.  Then she and her two fawns took off like they had been shot out of a canon. I know I didn't scare her because I had been sitting there for several minutes and she didn't seemed concerned about me, but 'something' spooked her. Now I know what we heard. I do know that Elk bugle so I guess it was similar but it didn't sound similar. It made the hair on your neck stand up....but I'm glad I was able to hear it first hand and witness what she did.  We were wondering if the one behind our campsite was calling for her fawns or another deer. Maybe her husband....:) I'm glad I was able to get a picture of her right before she ''yelled.''

I don't usually like cloudy pictures but the way the sun rays were coming down on the lake was neat.


  1. Hi Tammy, What great photos! Wonderful colors hope your weekend is going great! Blessings, Anna

  2. Oh my, that first photo is blow up and frame-able!! Gorgeous. I love all your fall photos.


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