Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, October 19, 2012

At Home...Hard Work! RV Living... Easier!

Well I'm exhausted!!!  Art just sat in the chair and said, ''boy I'm tired." I don't think those words came out of our mouths at Hardin Ridge. Well, Ok maybe the tired but not exhausted.....geesh being at home is hard work.  We decided hey since we're here we need to ''simplify'' our lives in the house. So...we started in our bedroom.  We have a small closet that we share so every 'change of the season' we have to drag in plastic tubs from the garage with that season's clothes.  Then pack up the out going season in the tubs and lug them back to the garage. Just loads of fun. Not! I told Art this is the year I stop this cycle. I saw how I can live with so little in the fifth wheel that there is no reason to have all these clothes and stuff in here. So I sorted and pitched. Ended up with 2 huge bags for Good Will, that is with Art's clothes too. So now I have ONE, let me say that again...ONE tub for the garage. All my clothes, the few I have, are now all in the house in the closet. And we got rid of some things off the floor to make vacuuming easier. (Not clothes :) small tables, plants, etc) I realized while living in the fifth wheel that having less to pick from made life so much easier. Since we had work shirts provided by the park we needed very few shirts of our own. I had 3 dress shirts to pick from and one pair of good jeans and one pair of good shoes.  So now the bedroom is done and I am starting on the rest of house.  This will hopefully make it easier to move into the fifth wheel when we can full time for good.  Well now that you know what I did today and how tired I am I will sit and rest and post some more pictures.
I have to start with Meredith. Since we hadn't seen her for a month I was taking every picture I could of her.

Sharing Papaw's Lemonade Shake-Up.  Hannah looks mad doesn't she? Maybe she wanted some too :))
Heck with that little amount she was getting she went back to her cup!

What's that you want a break from Meredith? OK....I'll go back to Hardin Ridge. These were taken the last day we were there.
This is the trail that runs along side the road for a ways. It goes from the gate to the beach area. It was just gorgeous with the colored leaves. This little squirrel was out gathering nuts and this toad was laying in the sun trying ot warm up by one of the bath houses. He sure was a tubby toad.
Ok back to Meredith, how about I do some Meredith mixed in with Hardin Ridge?? :)

She was so cute she had those little crackers mixed with her Cheerios. She was sorting them, crackers in the round holder, Cheerios in the square one.  "Hey, you took my picture."
This was pretty interesting. They were putting in a new road in the park. They needed access to the sewer lines. This road was leading down to the Waste Water Treatment Plant. When I heard they were doing this I was concerned how many big beautiful trees were going to come down. However, I was so happy when I saw how they were going around as many as they could and only tearing down small ones.

They had started to put down this large stone...so I don't know if they were going to carry that all the way down or eventually pave it.  We will see when we go back.
The Fall leaves were just gorgeous. I couldn't get enough of them.
She finally gave in and had a short nap, she was worn out.  Notice bottom left... we were walking back to the car and it was sooooo windy! 
Anna thank you for posting about collage photos. I just love them. A great way to add more photos and take less space. I hope you like them too.                                                                        
                             So from Thorntown we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. It feels so good to get rid of stuff. And it will definitely make it easier when you move full time into the RV. Great pictures. You're doing wonderful.

  2. Yes, even though we are tired it feels good to de-clutter.
    Thank you for your kind words. I am learning as I go. I sure appreciate all the encouragement that has been sent my way.


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