Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Being Back Home is Hard.....Mansfield Festival

We arrived home on Tuesday about 4pm. Hannah had said she was hungry for meatloaf so I thought I would make that for supper. Oh~ My~ Gosh! I forgot how big the kitchen is! I had to actually "walk" from the stove to the sink; and walk from the sink to the cabinet. In the RV I ''turn'' around from the sink to the stove to the cabinet. Gee whiz I was worn out after supper. And the walk from the bedroom to the laundry room to do laundry.....like running a marathon. I got lost in the bathroom I couldn't find my toothbrush and the first night I had to get up to go (you know empty the bladder) I ran smack into our bedroom wall. I was so confused I couldn't remember where I was. Hannah said why didn't you grab the little flashlight on the night stand? Now how could I? If I didn't remember there was a wall how would I have known about the flashlight. I never thought it would be so weird being back home. I always thought of our house as small but after the RV it seems awfully big.  And to think I have to clean this thing.............yikes!
 Then we had to unpack the RV and that is such an unpleasant job. It is never as fun to ''un''pack as it is to ''pack.''  Going in and out of the camper and those steps, I was worn out. Plus, my back is really hurting, my epidural has worn off. I am happy though that it is just my back hurting and I don't have meningitis as I was in the time frame when those tainted batches of steroids were given out. You just never know do you? Very scary!!!! I need another one or I need to discuss surgery----what a choice!  Yesterday we went to Mansfield with the kids. That is a small town that is a spin off of the Covered Bridge Festival in Rockville, IN.  It is every year at this time and runs for 9 days I believe. Mostly it is a big flea market with lots of socks, purses, sweatshirts, fleece blankets, cell phone cases, etc....and then you have crafts that people have made, & food booths everywhere. You can find almost anything there. It is in a beautiful setting along a creek with a covered bridge. Park County, which is where these festivals are held is known for its covered bridges. There is a covered bridge driving tour that you can take.  Yesterday was the only day this week we could all go together. That is sad, it used to be just when Art could get off to go now we have so many schedules to consider and work out.  It was a gloomy day...over cast with teeny tiny glimpses of the sun now and then.

This was not a time of 'glimpsing' as you can see :)

Tom, Lindsay, and Meredith have a LONG way too travel to get to Mansfield.  Miss Meredith does not like her car seat now! So she was not in a good mood when they got there. 

So Mamaw bought her a little Dora purse and Papaw put in a few coins and she was sooo
happy. Aunt Hannah was making it better too. By the way it was soooo windy so our hair will be messy throughout this blog. Some people look good with messy hair :)
Ahhh...now we have the sun. Sure makes all the difference in the pictures and your mood. The crowd was down this year and so were the booths. I wonder if the high gas prices were a contributing factor?  I know the weekends are super crowded, so we try not to go then.

I made Meredith a new hat because the ones I made her last winter are too small.  I was guessing on the size but this one came out perfect. I usually put a big flower on it but this one I kept simple. I make all kinds of hats and I have sold several.....so if you are in need of a baby hat, let me know :)  Hey I have to come up with some way to support us now that Art is retired. :)))
She says, ''Hey Mamaw I love the new hat!"  She sure sets it off nice and it matches her sweatshirt she had on too. Planned that perfect didn't we?
Well you can't have a new hat without the shades. " Gee people really, don't I look Cool???"
She road around on Papaw's shoulders for quite some time then she became tired of that too. She is 16 mos and they don't ususally have a very long attention span. She wanted to walk and so Dan and Hannah held her hands and they would walk along and swing her in the air. She LOVED that.
Here they are walking, and the hat is still on..........
And...swinging while Hannah tries to rescue the hat.....
It's off!  Can you see her front tooth? She has 2 bottom ones too. She looks so different with them more grown up.
We were getting hungry so Lindsay bought this, King Taters with Cheese. So fattening but oh so good. Hey it only comes around once a yr. right???
Can we all say, "Ah" she was feeding Aunt Hannah .
Gypsy, this is for you.  This is one of the covered bridges.
Walking across. Those beams were so neat. Scary if you looked down into the water though.
I'll save the remaining pictures until tomorrow's post.
Dan, Hannah, Tom, Meredith, and Lindsay  Can you tell they are sisters?

                    So from Our Home (Thorntown) we send Hugs and Best Wishes


  1. Good Morning, OMG, what a cutie! Glad that your home.I bet it feels good to be home.Great phots. Blessings, Anna

  2. Thanks Anna...we sure love her and can you tell she is a tiny bit spoiled? Being home is two part, we really missed Hannah but we miss being in the rv too. Glad you liked the pictures.

  3. Just for the record they did not have a lot of sweatshirts this year, the one year I am looking for one and it took me for ever to find one :)


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