Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, October 5, 2012

R.I.P. Al and Buckeye Butterfly at Allen's Creek

Well here we go again, rain rain rain! But we have an added misery...Cold! The temperature dropped from 76 degrees yesterday now to a low of 37 degrees tonight! You know they say if you don't like the weather in Indiana just wait a while and it will change.
So true! But I sure don't like the change this time brrrr....and damp....miserable. I feel so sorry for those camping in tents tonight, it has been raining for hours. It is nice here in the RV, furnace, TV, warm dry bed, good food.  We used to tent camp so I know what these poor campers are going through.  
Must be nice to be the boss!  You get to lie down on the job anytime you want and take a nap. :)  Ok...I'll be nice.  This is Al, manager of the park, he was digging out packed leaves in the side ditches with a pitch fork and he needed a break.  Pillow; courtesy of Me, water; courtesy of Vickie.  Oh and it didn't hurt that today was his birthday!!!!  Look he left his ear protection on so the blowing noise wouldn't bother him.

Happy Birthday Al!!!!   RIP :)
I had so many compliments on my last picture that I took in the mirror that I decided to do it again. I realize the truck is in this one but I thought the tree reflected in the window was neat looking.  This is the main road leading to the beach, boat ramp area.
New approach to leaf blowing today. See the hill behind Mickey it is steep so they had to blow them out onto the road and blow them to the other side.  After all this rain today I can only imagine that the ditches are full again.
On our day off Wed we took the road that runs parallel to the Hardin Ridge road. It is a very rural country road with very few houses on it.  The road dead ends at Allen's Creek.  This was some of the trees on the road.

This home had a huge fence around their garden (see bottom left) to keep out the deer. 
Surprise! I didn't even warn you of turkeys. They were eating out in a pasture, and they are a pair!!
Wow! Was I excited to get this Buckeye butterfly.  Isn't it just ''beautiful!"
This is Allen's Creek. I sure wish we had a boat to get out on this water.
I am not having any luck getting land turtles but I am getting snapping turtles.  This little guy was sunning himself on this log sticking out of the water. It was cute he would slip down and then climb back up.  Look at his little claws and the red color on his legs.
This is road 446 leading into Bloomington.  The water is so beautiful and blue. We were going over to Fairfax Recreation Area which sits across the lake from Hardin Ridge. There is a motel over there and a beach area.
This little Killdeer was running down the beach area.  He sure was moving fast on those little legs. Their head and face remind me of a dove with stripes, just adorable.
We were on the beach area looking out over the lake towards Hardin Ridge. The trees are sure getting pretty.
On the beach area these Turkey Vultures were standing around looking for lunch. They took off flying and I decided to try and get one in flight.  Look at the end of those wings, so cool!!!
These guys were having a wonderful day on the lake. I asked them if they were catching anything and they had caught a couple of little Bass.
This is the covered boat slip at Fairfax.  The main masts from the Sail Boats look neat standing straight and tall in the photo.
These Maple Trees were so beautiful. Sorry about the glare from the window.
                             So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. I love the picture of the butterfly, I see you figured out what kind it was. The leaves are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what they look like in couple of weeks.


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