Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Road trip to Nashville,IN...Part 1

The rain was starting to get on our nerves or maybe "we" were getting on "each" others nerves, so we had to get out of the trailer. We decided we might as well see the rain in another county and on other leaves.  We had been wanting to go to Brown Co, or Nashville In, to get some taffy. They have many many shops there, and this time of year people flock there to see the Fall leaves. It wasn't as busy today because of the rain. Yes, it was raining there too. It rained all the time we were on the road, just a mist but needing the wipers, and that is annoying at times. I was trying to snap pictures in between the wipers going back and forth. I am sorry that the quality of the pictures isn't as good today, but I was taking them through the windows. And if not from the window I was outside & it was so cloudy and dark they just didn't shine! But I did get a few to share so sit back and let's go to Nashville In.........

Driving on St Rd 446 toward Bloomington
Still on 446. I put these on for 2 reasons. So you would see what we saw, and to show you how pretty it is around Hardin Ridge. We see these hilly curvy roads whenever we go to Bloomington.
Now we are 46 towards Nashville, In.  The trees are just starting to turn in that area. We are further south at Hardin Ridge than Nashville is.
Sorry about the antenna in the photo. It was starting to rain harder so the pictures seem blurrier.
We're almost there.......You can see the brown sign (but you can't read it )
In downtown, on the street corners they have these hanging baskets and lanterns . The flowers were still very pretty.
Here are two shops. You can see that houses have been converted into stores. They always have them decorated for the Fall season. And some of their items for sale are hanging on porches.
I loved the name of this store, since I am fond of acorns. These rocking chairs and swings that they had for sale were just gorgeous. They were made with 2 different kinds of wood, we didn't look at the price...scared to :)
Here's the store we came for. I LOVE taffy and they make the best.
They must have at least 20 different kinds. We bought Cinnamon Swirl (for Art), Strawberry, Strawberry/Banana, and my favorite Vanilla.

We decided not to get any fudge. For some ODD reason it just didn't sound good. I know we must be sick. I guess we figured we would  consume enough calories with the taffy.

More store front decorations. The mums were just beautiful.
We went into a book store that we have visited before. We bought a book there a couple of years ago on how to cook on the open fire. We have used many of the recipes and thought we might find another book that struck our fancy,I did but too much money. Gee when did books get so pricey?? I did see this little book and just loved the cover. Reminds me of the squirrels and chipmunks in the park, scurrying to gather enough nuts for winter. The question makes you wonder what the book said doesn't it? Well for $12.95 you can find out. Nope! Think I will just come up with my own ideas. This did give me an idea for a blog though.....mmmmmm be thinking on that question. :)

I'm not sure that another nut is going to fit :)))
I mentioned the other day that I was on the hunt for the Pileated Woodpecker. I was warned that they are very skittish....so I thought just in case...

Not quite the same as getting a picture from your own camera. 
Now...people say our dogs are spoiled, this little guy was riding downtown Nashville in a Mercedes Benz, and he was riding tall. 
This is one of my favorite stores. They sell all kinds of cook ware, jellies, candles, candy, homemade brooms, and all kind of pottery. They have a restaurant here also and they sell the best fried biscuits, they serve them with honey, or apple butter mmm  mmm  good!!!!
Here is some of the pottery/crocks that they sell.
Remember in yesterday's blog I told you old timers used to boil Sassafras roots for tea. Well guess what you can buy at this store? I don't know if it would be good, but you could sure smell Sassafras in the store. They had Sassafras candy too.
Love this store too, however, you had better have lots of money to enter here!
We bought 2 lbs. Ha Ha Ha....just kidding. How about 1/4 lb. 
Ok if nuts aren't your thing,  how about these BIG feet? You could own these two lovely 'feet flower pots' for a measly $102! I'll bet you want a couple of pair right? And...that does NOT include the flowers.

Part two of the trip will be in tomorrow's blog. 
So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. I am so glad it rained all day, and you two were driving each other nutz!! Otherwise I would have never seen Nashville!! It sounds like a wonderful city to visit. So very pleasant. Thanks for the tour, I for one appreciated getting out of the house!!!!

  2. I visited Brown County over 40 years ago, and I'm sure all the little towns I spent any time in have changed drastically. The one thing that sticks in my mind was a dusty old museum that had a stuffed, two-headed calf on display. Brown county is really gorgeous, especially this time of year.

  3. THis is exciting.....getting to travel along with you. I enjoyed all the pictures, I love shopping, and being able to visit all those shops....thank you!Hope you don't get driven too nutty!!! Can't wait for tomorrows post.

  4. Jenny, happy to have you along. Just think this way you get to see how other people spend their money :) Hope you enjoy the future blogs.

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