Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Road Trip to Nashville, Part 2

Sorry I'm so late getting this posted. All my photos from our Trip to Brown Co, were deleted so I had to reload them and edit the ones I wanted.  That takes such a long time, as I realize fellow bloggers know all to well. But it is worth it and oh so much fun to see the pictures that you get. I am sure glad I don't have to take them to a store to be developed, I don't think I could stand the wait. And then I remember throwing half of them away because they were no good. Whew....the good ole' days were not always so good. However, I do realize that some people still like the film style photos, right Gyspy?  I think that is good keeping the old along with the new.  Well I don't have as many 'shopping' photos today because after we left Nashville we went into Brown Co. State Park.  These little yard flags were for sale everywhere you looked. I thought this one was cute...however, if you buy it here you can expect to pay more. They really jack up the prices here, probably because it is a big tourist town.

 It should read "welcome all of you who read my blog."  :)
This was all we bought except for the taffy and almonds. I love moose and so when I saw these socks, I just had to have them. They were only $2 can't beat that sale. I went into a yarn shop, as I crochet, and this yarn just jumped off the shelf at me. I bought a new coat in August at the State Fair. It was on the clearance rack at the Dept of Natural Resources building (DNR). They run the state parks in Indiana. Anyway, it is brown/tan, and this yarn will make a gorgeous scarf to match it. I am going to use the Broom Stick Lace pattern to make it. That is such a gorgeous stitch, can't wait to get it done. Of course I will post a photo when that happens, but don't get too impatient that is a stitch that takes a lot of time to do, plus I have to wait until I get home to start.  I use a PVC pipe with rubber bands on the end so I won't loose my yarn.

The socks have moose tracks all over the foot area.
Remember it is still raining and cloudy so the pictures are still not as sharp. Just yucky weather, but hey it is what it is. We left the town of Nashville and moved on down the road to the park, here is the entrance sign.

Abe Marten Lodge is a hotel in the middle of the park. It is very pretty. We stayed there once and my parents stayed there too. This time of year you might as well forget getting a room, they are full.
At the North Gate you drive through a covered bridge. Trailers are not allowed to pass through here, they must use the West Gate.

See why trailers can't go through this? Can you say, "Where did my A/C go?"
Little dark I know. Look at all those wet tire tracks.
And.....we are out of the bridge.
As soon as we passed through the gate these trees were on the ride side of the road. I thought wow the leaves are going to be beautiful in here. But actually I think these were the prettiest trees in the park.

The park's swimming pool sits right off to the right of these trees. Naturally it was closed.
A close up!
If it had not been raining and cloudy can you imagine what this would have looked like? Look at the depths of layers in the trees. An artists' dream to look at this and paint. You see artist painting on the side of these hills all the time. That one little tree bottom right is all alone in the color dept.

This is the horse man's camp. There are some really neat trials here for horse back riding. Some people we have heard have stopped going down there to ride because of all the Rattlesnakes! And yes we can prove they are in the park as we had one in our campsite one weekend! Savannah, our daughter's Great Dane found it. And that same weekend a family from Brownsburg, In. was there camping and their little dachshund was bitten by a Rattlesnake and by the time they got him to a vet he had passed away. We have not camped there since. They reintroduced these snakes into the park because they ''USED" to be there.  Really, that was "BEFORE" there was a campground, with small children and pets. You would not believe the number of people who do not know there are poisonous snakes in Indiana parks. They are here too, mostly Copperheads, and you can be sure we watch the dogs carefully. But at Brown Co people see Rattlesnakes all the time, they don't here so we feel a little better. I realize "we are out in the sticks"  where predators live and you have to be cautious. We are for sure.
Here is a rest stop at the end of a trail. Cooper stuck his head out the window and barked and the horse above turned to see where that was coming from.  :)
Poor fellow with the red halter on looks pooped out. Hard work walking trails and carrying a man on your back.  They all looked tired, I'm sure the trails were muddy so that makes it harder on them.
We used to have horses, 2 Quarter horses, one Arabian, one Appaloosa, and one miniature. Our farrier (person who trims their hooves and puts on horse shoes) some people call them black smiths, ours was a woman. That is very unusual for a woman to do this profession but we knew of two. Anyway, she and her husband used to go to Brown Co. and ride their horses. She was telling us one day when she was at our house that they were now checking horse trailers when they arrived at the park and counting how many horses they brought, so that they could match that count when they left. Why you ask? Because people were bringing in their horses and leaving them. The price of hay and feed has almost tripled from when we started owning them and people can't afford it. And...you can't sell them to anyone because no one else can either. So sad!!!! She was always asking us if we knew of anyone who would want a horse. And I'm sure after the drought this summer that is not going to help the prices either.

After we left the park we were driving home and I periodically see a road I want to go down. So we took this one. It was very remote, but at least it was paved. The trees were pretty on this stretch of road.

Then we came upon a boat ramp. I was looking at the water and trees when all of a sudden I saw a tree limb with yellow leaves floating in the water. Then it was moving this way and that way, then suddenly it hit me it was a beaver!!! I missed him :(  But I did get his lodge. We waited and waited but he was not about to come back out. You can really see where he has the water dammed up and the water is muddy in the back of the lodge compared to the front of it. I still am holding out hope of getting the beaver here at Hardin Ridge.

See those yellow flowers/leaves?? I believe that is what is he was dragging. So cute! Maybe he was taking them home to the Mrs. 
It was getting brighter, can you tell? I loved the rise of the hill side. 

Behind this really neat fence was the most beautiful log cabin! It was up on the hill and in too much forest to get a good picture. And someone was on the porch, didn't think that would look too good taking a picture of their house :)

And to make it better; old wagon wheel rims and Yuca plants. Wow! Great landscaping.

So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. Today's photos are great, thanks for sharing parts of Brown County, IN with us. Love the moose socks. Before we made the cottage our permanent home, I had moose decor throughout!!

  2. I bet in a week or so the colors are going to be brilliant.

  3. I love those covered bridges! And yes, I still use film now and then although the digitals provide instant gratification - or not, depending on how the pics turn out. What I MUST have is an optical view finder and they are getting harder to find on digital cameras.


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