Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Accident in the Park, and Sunsets

Yesterday and today were pretty normal around the park except for Saturday. We were walking into the trailer after being up at the office having homemade Butternut Squash soup.  Our radio on the golf cart was on and we heard Kevin (Asst. Manager)  calling for Al, (Manager) to come to site 136. I heard something different in his voice and told Art lets go over and see if there is anything we can help with. When we got over there an elderly couple had just arrived in a Class C motor home. The husband had a prosthetic leg and apparently his good leg, which he was driving with, slipped on the accelerator and being in reverse he ''slammed'' into a huge tree behind the site. Oh my gosh there was so much damage, their bumper was in the shape of a V, their back window was busted out and glass was everywhere.  It put a hole in the top of the coach near the roof, bent the ladder, and apparently the frame too as nothing would close properly.  To make matters worse, the husband tried to get up with only the one leg, fell in the coach, skinned up his good leg and it was bleeding. Kevin had tried to get him up but couldn't. Art and I just seemed to slip into  EMT/Paramedic mode and we were able to get the gentleman up.  He was extremely diaphoretic ( sweating) and his color was ashen gray. I asked him if he had any health problems and his wife said multiple ones. I figured he was diabetic with the prosthetic leg (with other symptoms) and he also had 2 previous heart attacks, so OK now we may have a serious medical crisis. His poor wife was so upset, and we found out later she had cancer and had just completed Chemo.  She got him some orange juice in case his blood sugar was too low, as he had not yet eaten. He never really did look good to me but they insisted on leaving and returning home. Kevin and Mickey lead them out to St Rd 37 on a back road to bypass Indiana University which was having home coming weekend with home football game. I know the traffic was horrific through Bloomington. We got the site cleaned up and another camper is in there now. Poor couple, your heart just went out to them. She said this was their last weekend they could camp, and you had to think to yourself if it was going to be their last camping trip period.  Al refunded their money and while they were at the gate their little pug dog got out and was running loose, so everyone at the gate was trying to catch him. I am sure they were glad to arrive home and have this nightmare over with.  Never know what a day is going to hold do we?

We may have an accident tonight as it is supposed to get down to 32! Can you say frozen hoses, pipes, ears, toes, noses! We were just talking if we should leave another of our hoses on with a stream of water to prevent freezing. Ooo K.....I am not quite ready for it to be this cold already! Gee where is our Fall weather? I am starting to believe that the Persimmon Seed should of had a knife too for severe cold.  We saw Denver, CO already had 6 inches.  We walked last night and then was going to come back and build a fire....too cold. We would have been sitting on top of it to keep warm, that S'More  sure wasn't worth it.  :)

This morning we worked at the gate from 9-1 then we came back and had left over soup I made for supper last night for supper. It was Italian Sausage Soup and boy is it good. The recipe came from Bob Evans Restaurant. We then curled up in our recliners turned on the football game and ''presto" we're asleep! That didn't take long. I woke up and decided I needed some more sunset photos, our time here is coming to an end and so I wanted more photos of the park. Going down to the beach, guess what I saw????  Here take a look....

Hee hee, actually this was at the end of our site so I had to see it when I pulled out. I made the wreath with some down pine bows from the rain the other night. And the nuts and pine cones come down even when we don't have rain. The ribbon, from Walmart. :)
I'm on the up and up now. Here is what I saw right before I got to the beach road. They were out eating grass by one of the picnic shelters. I just love the black outline on the ears. I am sure this was a baby from this yr. as it wasn't very big yet and was so perfect, no scars, and not under weight. Plus, another larger deer was eating nearby, mom I'm sure.

"I thought I heard you coming."
"Well, Hi." "Do you want a picture of me?"
" Mind if I munch on some grass while you snap away?"
"OH Shoot! MOM wait for me."
And poof, they're gone. So I mosied on to my sunset pictures. It is amazing to me you can sit in the same spot on any day and not get the same colors and shapes of the sunset.

I arrived...it is 7:10 pm.
I hope this makes you feel like you are right there on the beach too.  Oh and bring a coat, it's cold :)
While I was waiting for the sun to go down, here comes a Pontoon Boat. And guess who that is?  Al and Wayne. Too funny! I am sitting there and I believe they were the last boat off the lake. Catch any fish guys?  Soon they will be ice fishing :))
Almost below the trees.
And.....it's gone!  So long Sunday.
I was walking back up the small hill I was sitting on and I turned and looked back, it looked like a yellow smoke trail left in the sky where the sun used to be.  It was sure worth the wait to see this beauty.
                             So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. We are planning a trip to Death Valley right after Christmas. This will be our first cold weather camping, and I'm wondering what we should do to prepare. The daytime temps will be nice, but the record overnight low is 20*. Do we need to buy heat tape? Our class A's basement bays can be heated via a vent left open.


    1. TO:

      Hi Merikay, yes, you can use heat tape to wrap your hose or the easiest thing to do is take it off and
      store it. Last night we were just on the verge of freezing so we just let the water trickle. My husband says you can
      buy hose at Camping World with the heat tape already built into the hose. As long as we have our furnace running our
      pipes in the basement of the 5th wheel are fine. Just take good warm socks and have fun! :) Take care.

  2. We always take put our hoses inside when it gets that cold. Of course, I hope to never be any place where it gets that cold but occasionally even here in AZ it does get that cold. So glad he posed for you. And definitely beautiful sunset pictures - well worth the wait (I think) in the cold.

    1. Thank you I love the sunsets here. Yes we take our hoses in too. Brrrrr it seems colder this evening.

  3. What an awful experience for that elderly couple. It's interesting that by 7:10 in the evening, the sunset is long gone out here on the NC coast.

  4. And to think where it is in the sky out on the west coast at that time. We are in bed by the time their sun goes down :)


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