Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 2 Off and More Photos...

I took so many pictures yesterday that I couldn't get them all in one blog. So I am doing another one today of remaining pictures.  I hope I don't have as many problems as I did last night. Sheesh!!  Some of the pictures didn't get on the blog, because Blogger decided to delete them. How frustrating! And the font kept changing from one size to another, then Bold then not bold. If it starts that tonight I am quitting and start again tomorrow.  Ok wish me luck.........

I was shocked when I saw this rose still so pretty after all the cold weather.  These bushes were at the West Baden Springs hotel in French Lick.  Even the bud is pretty...reminds me of spring. FOCUS on that when it is snowing. :)
This is Patoka Lake. I was 'determined' to get this one on the blog tonight as....I loaded it FIVE times last night and it kept getting deleted. I like it because of the little white spot in the middle. A boat, one lonely boat, isn't he lucky?  Plus, this lake is soooooo blue.
At Patoka they have incredible bike trails. This picture really shows the contrast between the road and the trails. This must have cost  a ton of money to put these in. And they went trough this whole huge park.
Guess what they Patoka and Hardin Ridge have in common. No they are not both State Parks. Hardin Ridge is a National Forest. Yes, they both have trees, yes they both have camping sites, yes they both have volunteers, yes they both have turtles, and beautiful lakes.....And yes they both have.....................................................................................DEER!

"Hey, I've heard over the leaf vine that you like to take pictures of us. Ok shoot way."
"This is my pull leaf off and eat it pose."
"This is my sniff the air pose."
"This is you've got enough and I'm getting ready to run pose."
                                                  Then poof she was gone!!!

 I get it now. THIS is where they come up with the saying ''Bird Legs" They have Great Blue Herons everywhere on this lake. This guy would fly, land, fly, land, ........ I kept trying to get him in flight, I did but it isn't that good. But, he landed in this tree and I got that!!
"Help! I don't know how to land in a tree!"
"Phew! I made it.  Did anybody see me???"
I know this is not the greatest picture but I love the wings in flight.  See the 'Blue' in the Heron can't you?
This is a little house we found that we would LOVE to buy.  "Log" in tomorrow to see the inside. :)
                              So From Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.

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  1. Beautiful photos that you took on your day off. Oh please post your photos of the inside of that darling little cabin. I can't wait.


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