Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Dachshund vs Great Dane in tag. Who wins??

Well guess what it did again last night and about all day today???  Yep, snow. We are sure making up for the very mild winter we had last year.  The animals don't like it much.....

Socks looks so disgusted, "here we go again." Snow, snow, snow.

These guys didn't like it any more than Socks did. They were keeping an eye on me to see if I had some bread, apples, lettuce for them to eat. Not yet too early that comes later.

Here are Jeb and Belle, our turkeys.  The geese in the background  don't like the snow either, they love to eat grass and there is none to find right now.
But these two "LOVED" it!!! We let them out while Art was shoveling on the driveway and away they went. We now have doggie tag.......

Savannah says, "Tag."  "You're it Cooper."
Cooper says, "I'm gonna get you Savannah."
"What have I done? I've tagged a Great Dane!"
As you can see Savannah won and Cooper is still running along. It wasn't much of a competition, those little legs against her big long ones.
This is how deep the snow was on our front side walk.  It really blew in there. At least the ruler is smiling :)
I looked out this morning when I got up out the window where the bird feeder sits in front of and I counted 33 doves in this tree. I couldn't believe there were that many. They were flying down and eating off the ground and then landing in the tree for a nap.

Can you see them?
They were all puffed up and some had their heads tucked in their wings.
I don't know what this little guy did, he must have been bad as he was sitting all by himself on the swing set. Maybe the little wife kicked him out. :)
I just loved this shot. Snow on the pines, the tree, bushes and roof.
As I was walking up the driveway I thought this bush looked neat with all the snow on it. I didn't realize until I saw it how the flag was flying right above it.
Brrrrrr.....looks very cold doesn't it?
This is as much of a snow angel as I am willing to do now days. Too cold to get down on the ground for me.  
I will leave you with this Red-bellied woodpecker. He was just watching me from the window this morning while eating. Hope you have enjoyed all the snow pictures. If you are in a warm state or sharing this weather with us I hope you all have a very Happy New Year!!!
"Just keep the food coming, OK?"


  1. Great pictures but pictures are all I want to see of snow. Brrrr.

  2. I just love to see dogs enjoying the snow. I always loved it, but wonder how I would feel about it now.

  3. Our girls wouldn't be caught dead running around in the snow. Jim had to shovel a place for them to use and they would only go out long enough to get it done. But I love the pictures of Cooper and Savannah chasing each other. I'm with longdog - pictures of snow are wonderful.

  4. Great pictures of the snow and it's effect on the animals. They each have their own individual reactions that make it so interesting!


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