Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Went Down to Photograph a Sunset and GOT THIS...OH MY GOSH!!!!

Today was one of our days off. We get two here, ours is Monday and Tuesday. However, another host couple agreed to switch days with us so we can have Wednesday off and go to a local amusement park with our kids and granddaughter.  So we ran around all day getting supplies and groceries. Art just had to have new jeans, as his was getting holes in them and looking pretty scraggly. Wearing them to work here in the park is OK but when we go out he needed a good pair.  We finished our sites up and got them all cleaned and ready for next weekend's crowds after we came home from town.  It was so humid today, there were storms all around us but we didn't get any rain. 

I have had a "wish list" I guess you could say of animals here in the park that I never was able to get pictures of last year.  One was a buck deer and I did get that and have posted his picture.  Another was a rabbit. I was beginning to think there were none in here until the other day behind the office this one was eating away, and I got to scratch off another success.....

He/she looks pretty healthy.  It was hanging around where the Forest Service keeps the mules so I'm sure it can sneak in and grab some grain every now and again.  Look at those big eyes!  

I was thinking to myself on Friday that I had not taken a sunset picture for a long time so I drove on down to the beach about 8:30 to get a good seat. :) Just me and the lake and all of this action was going on......

This Great Blue Heron was resting on the rocks.  I didn't see him for the longest time as the sun was so bright. I just happened to catch a glimpse of his figure and then when he saw me getting his picture he did this.....

"Oh my, I must correct my posture. Whatever would Mother say if she saw me slouching like that!"

This was my first picture of the sun as it was just beginning to go down.  How gorgeous are these sunsets over the water?

I just love the boats in the pictures that are headed my way.

Then as I was watching them this boat came into my view and so I thought it would be neat to get him between the trees that are planted on the jetty. 

But then why stop there?  I just kept following him and positioned the camera right on the sunset, and when he passed right into it I snapped this picture.

I wish he hadn't of had all of those floatation devices in the front. But then he probably wasn't expecting someone to be taking his picture.  :)

Aren't these Finches just gorgeous? Nancy and Harold (beach mangers) have this feeder up in front of their camper. The birds were eating their dinner by sunset. :)   They blend right into those leaves catching the sunset rays.

Now the sun is going down and the clouds were beginning to pick up a dark glow. So pretty.

As I was sitting there watching this all happen before my eyes a flock of Canada Geese flew right in front of me and since I had the camera ready for the sun I was able to capture them flying into the cove for the night.

I jut love the pink color in the clouds.  And then when I downloaded this to the computer I got a surprise. See the bottom right of the photo. There stands the Great Blue Heron, getting in the picture again.  Love it!!!!!

And then here they are resting in the cove for the night. Looks like most of them are getting a bedtime snack.  But a couple are keeping an eye on me for sure.

And the biggest and best surprise is "someone" else was watching me but I didn't have a clue.  Then I saw the water ripple and I almost came unglued. I had been trying to get the beaver for so long with no luck.  I just started snapping pictures and I had no idea until I down loaded them that I had this picture....

Not good quality but hey I was thrilled to see him at all

                            And then he did the most amazing thing........

He came out of the water onto the shore! OH my gosh, I was so excited I was shaking. My beaver.... I finally got my beaver picture!

 This one is not as clear but you can see his tail better. It was so dark out I still cannot believe how well they turned out.  I was making all kinds of noise too and walking towards the geese I still just cannot believe he came out for me to see.  You can see his little dam behind him. 

I guess I have to stop there because nothing else will top this for me tonight.  Well OK maybe Effie would. I bought this new pillow for me to sit on the swing with. My back hurts so bad in the evenings that I need the cushioning.  "Someone", not to mention any names, thought I bought this soft, fluffy, bed for her.  Come on, how in the world could I not let her remain on it when she looks so cute? !

It has been an exciting time here at Hardin Ridge this summer.  So many new things I have seen, and Fall is just around the corner with all the beauty it will hold.  I have many more things to share but will have to wait for another day and another blog.  So until next time.  From Hardin Ridge in Hoosier National Forest, take care everyone!


  1. Wow! One exciting photo after another. Each time I scrolled down, I thought that was it - but no, there was more. Very exciting post - I LOVE your beaver pictures. How cool was that? I know we have them down in Bluewater Creek, but I haven't hiked down there yet. I can just imagine how excited you were when he came out of the water. I forgot that they have that weird, flat tail until I saw the final beaver photo.

    I also love the Great Blue Heron photos - it's amazing how they can look so different in the way they scrunch down or stretch out. Beautiful birds. I love seeing them, too.


    Darling photo of Effie sleeping on your pillow - she is so cute! :)

  2. BEAUTIFUL...not surprised you put that as your header picture. You have quite a few good shots there. I hope Russ and I can get out and get some good pictures again. It's a fun hobby.

  3. You have some excellent sunset photos there thanks for sharing.

  4. Wonderful nature photos..and those are my favorite kind!!!

  5. Incredible pictures you captured and thank you for sharing with us. Love the last one of your doggie on your pillow....:-)

  6. Great photos. That header picture is amazing.


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