Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WHOOPEE.....It's here!

So did you hear the hoots and hollers in Indiana?  My computer is back.  The guy that put the new hard drive in installed the wrong driver for the touch pad and that is why I couldn't type on it. How frustrating. When I got it back there was so many things I wanted to do I wasn't happy doing any of them. I jumped all over the place. Then it happened.  The scream did you hear the scream??!!
Oh my gosh having to download everything again, learning new ways of doing this and that. Our old email address was gone and so now I had to learn the new one. My daughter when she set the blogging account up for me did it under the gmail act so that was good. It didn't change the emails and comments I received from readers. I just had to learn how to maneuver through it all.  I have come a loooong way on doing things on a computer, I was pretty dumb on it before all this blogging took place, now I am pretty proud of myself how I get in there and just "do it." Knowing if I mess it up I have a daughter and son n law to bail me out.  Thanks guys!

OK enough of that gibberish, I'll bet you wonder what we have been up to. Well lets see, camp hosting.  I'm done LOL  I still don't have wedding pictures to share they are on their way on a disc from Colorado so as soon as I can I will share them. I didn't take any with my camera. Now calm down I was too busy pinning on corsages, boutonnieres, and making sure this and that were going ok I didn't want to worry about photography. Besides there were three cameras going I was sure to get good pictures.

After the wedding was over we finished up at Turkey Run and headed back down to here, Hardin Ridge. That was such a huge relief to have full hook ups again.  Dumping tanks with a 'blue boy' is not fun. Just ask Art  hee hee....

We came back to more hummingbirds that I could ever dream of.  We have 8-9 females and one male. I have to fill the feeders at least two of the three once a day.

I know this is not a great shot but I wanted you to see the feeder we have on our window.  The little male and one female seem to dominate it. They can sure drink the syrup water. l  still have to try and get a video of them swarming the feeders as you can't get a good picture of that.

The kids came down on the first Tuesday that we were back and we rented a Pontoon boat and went out on Lake Monroe.  Holy Molly it was hot!!!

Our newlyweds with Effie watching the water. (wanting to jump in I'm sure) and Miss Meredith. Look at her pink water shoes aren't they adorable? :)

She loves Effie and Cooper as they are smaller than her dogs at home. And Effie is so gentle with her.

Here they all are sitting on the edge of the boat soaking their feet.  Wonder what they are looking at???

This! Meredith is playing on Hannah's legs soaking too.  See Effie in Hannah's arms?  It was so hot we put her and Cooper in water too just to cool off.

                                  Then as I am watching them I had an idea pop in my head:

"Wave at me guys."  They are so funny. 
We were not the only hot ones that day. This huge bird landed in a dead tree as the kids were soaking. They told us this is the grove for the Eagles. Now I don't know if this is one or not? Judy help????
He didn't look like a hawk but he didn't look like a young Eagle with or at least the ones I goggled.

See how he is panting.

I think he looks like an Eagle here. But not sure. Anyway he was big and beautiful.  (update) thanks to Karen and Judy this is an Osprey.

I am almost positive this is a pie-billed Grebe.  He goes under water and comes up with fish.
As we were watching him and taking his picture some one was jealous and wanted his taken too....

He landed on the dock and walked back and forth like it was his runway.  And what gorgeous legs they have :)
"And now in first place for the great muscle ton of the upper legs is our Great Blue Heron."

Then at 76247 we have a new family that has moved in.  Anyone wanting to send a basket of worms for a house warming it would be greatly appreciated.

Off the feather friends and onto Miss Effie.  She has found a new place to ride on our golf cart and she did this all by herself.  We tossed her bed up there one day and she jumped up in it and now has declared the "rumble seat" as her own.  And the breeze just gently blows hers wire hair curls.  :)

I will leave you this evening with one of my favorite places in the park. The trails. They are so well maintained and they always leave you with that feeling of what is over the next rise or the next curve.
I hope you all stay safe and well and take care from us here at Hardin Ridge.

And in this case it was Sylvester the Squirrel.  


  1. I always dread getting a new computer for all the reasons you mentioned. You have to start over with everything. I bought a new windows 8 laptop two months ago-I still hate it:)

  2. yay you're back ... hiss on new computers!

    Meredith's pink shoes are indeed adorable!

    Great pictures and yes, I recognize the waving .. HAhaa... kids

  3. Nice to get your computer back and up and running.

  4. That bird is not an eagle, but an osprey.

    Glad you got your computer back.

  5. My head is spinning. There was a lot pent up in there waiting for that new computer!
    Have fun.

  6. I am so glad you're back!! There is so much to catch up on!! Can't wait for wedding photos.

  7. Yeah... welcome back Tammy. I'm glad that you got your computer all figured out and that the wedding is over with.

    That little girl looks just so adorable with a little pink shoes, she looks like a little balerina the way she has her little feet pointing, lol...

    It looks like heavenly on the water on the pontoon boat.
    I agree that the big bird looks like an Osprey. They are very big birds and they are sometimes mistaken for eagles.

    Enjoy the good life.

  8. And a BIG hello from the Taylor clan as well! I'm with you on all that computer stuff...

    Love the picture of the "kids" waving and I have so missed seeing Effie and Cooper.

  9. Karen is right, it's an osprey. They eat fish exclusively.

    I hear you about setting up a new computer since my laptop fried itself on Sunday. :(

  10. Great pictures to enjoy and so glad your got your computer up and running again. Enjoy this day.

  11. So glad to hear all your news! I know what you mean about the blue boy! I don't have full hook-ups here, and have to do the "duty" of the tanks as well.

    Your photos are great.

  12. I am new to the blogging world and so excited to find your site. How well I relate to the computer learning curve. You are lucky to have a daughter to bail you out!

  13. I soooo need a new computer, but I am very adverse to learning new things...Yes, the "honey wagon" is not fun to empty..at least 3 trips after one week...But I'm not fond of the private RV parks..We prefer Army Corps parks and most don't have full hook up...Love the wildlife pictures!!!

  14. I'm glad you are back! You've really been busy. Love all the photos in your

    Lots of new laptops in blogland lately. It's definitely time consuming getting everything back to normal, but so worth it to have a fully functioning computer again. :)

  15. Welcome back! I'm still working on getting my new netbook all set up. Almost finished, but still have a few more things to do to it. Plus trying to format old programs to win8. Fortunately, all my stuff from the crashed computer was able to be saved so I still have all that too.

  16. Oh, hit send too fast. Glad the wedding went well, am looking forward to the pics. The pontoon looks like fun but maybe in cooler weather then. Hugs to the pups!

  17. Great photos! No wonder I get emails back that I'm sending to your old address.


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