Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, July 26, 2013

All Creatures BIG and small at Hardin Ridge...don't be squimish :)

This is just a fun post I have been wanting to do. There are SO many creatures here in the forest, some cute and cuddly and some well lets just say only a mother could love.  I know I am probably not going to get all their names correct but like I said it is just for fun.  I'll start out with something that I was always fascinated with as a child. When we would go mushroom hunting in the woods I always ended up taking a couple of these home for pets. They loved Morel Mushrooms and back then we found so many my mom and dad didn't fuss about me feeding them to these little guys.

This is the tiniest little snail I have ever seen in the wild. His little house was smaller than a pea. He was so friendly when I found him he was sitting on one of our chairs, (don't know how he got there) and so I picked him up and he didn't retract into his shell. I put him on the plant to be more natural looking. What a cutie!!!

This beautiful Luna Moth was resting on a bathroom wall in Southern Point after a night out on the town.  Just look at those beautiful colors!

My next little creature is so unusual. I don't know if many people even see them without walking over them or unfortunately on them. One day I was swinging and looked up and he was walking on our picnic table. Now most people call them Walking Sticks, this guy was so big I called him a Walking Limb  LOL   The pine cones are just for added decorations.

He eventually fell off the table and ambled across our site and climbed way up high in a tree. Now talk about being camouflaged there was no way to see him in that environment.

We were working the gate one day this week and I happened to turn around and there sat this huge horse fly.  I though to myself hmmm wonder what they look like close up.....

No I'm not sure I'm glad I took the picture either. Those huge blue eyes......yikes scare the daylights out of you. And bite when they do a trickle of blood comes running out.  They have been horrible in the park this year. That and mosquitoes too.

If you don't like spiders just scroll on over this next picture.....

This is a Black Widow.  You can barely see the red hour glass on her back. She had the biggest egg sac I have ever seen. She had built this web in the door frame of the ladies bathroom.  Freaky!!!

This little guy was sunny himself in the pond in Blue Gill. As I walked around the pond they were jumping for cover and he thought I couldn't see him. Fooled him didn't I? 

Now to the cute critters......

These are my two little vacuum cleaners. They go around every morning sweeping up the bird seed. And in the far right corner is my little Chipping Sparrow. They all get along great and share their food very nicely. 

See how sad this little guy looks.  He wants a little blue chair to sit in the tree so he can eat his nuts and seeds from..... hint hint Barbara!   What a cute little face.  He was sitting on our wood pile waiting to see what the ground squirrels had left for him.

And what would this blog be without our gorgeous deer here in the park.  We have a mom with a set of triplet fawns but I haven't been able to catch her out with them yet. And we have at least two moms with twins. This is one of them but her babies were on the move and I couldn't get a photo of them but I will.

Would you look at what I finally got a picture of??? I couldn't get one last year when we were here.  He may just be the proud papa of some of those fawns I was talking about.

And the cutest of all the animals in Hardin Ridge.......

"I've been working on my tan what do you think? And no bikini line."

Being so patient waiting for mom and dad to finish working up at the gate. What a face :)

Uh wait what's this....oh ya I took this from the sample pictures there are no penguins in the forest! Fooled ya! :)  I sure hope you enjoyed frolicking through the forest with me and seeing all of the creatures that live here with us. They sure make it an adventure everyday not knowing what you are going to see.  I much prefer to see most of them first before they see me though.
From creep crawly Hardin Ridge take care everyone!


  1. Oh, I liked today's critters...cept maybe the black widow! We have them here too.. eeeks. But I did like the cutest of all best ;-)

  2. Wonderful post. I love seeing the wildlife around our house,and will enjoy finding many new critters on our travels. I did a luna moth on one of my needle point designs. Facinating.

  3. Thats a fun posting and some nice pics, you sure there is no penguins in the forest?

  4. Good to see you back...we finally hit the road! Black widows in Indiana..remind me to watch where I put my hand. Loving the fawns...I captured a few. Might hit your forest in Sept....

  5. Tammy, your pictures are awesome. I love every creatures and the fur babies included of course except maybe the black widow spider. I'm not a fan of spider but we have lots of Orb spiders at the farm and around our house. They are very big and clumsy and their webs are very strong.
    I read about the Widow spider is the most poisonous spider in the US, so you take care not to get stung my friend. They can lay about a thousand eggs from one mating.

    Have a safe weekend.

  6. Tun pictures. It is fun to see what all is out there that we miss if we dont stop and take the time to see them.

  7. The spiders I don't mind..frogs freak me out!..Great close up shots..My fav is the Luna Moth...amazing!

  8. I enjoyed it immensely. I'm envious of the Luna moth sighting. :)

  9. Awesome pictures! I had to look hard to find the stick insect...and the blue gill sway cool!

  10. Did you smash the egg sac of the Black Widow? I know some people don't like messing with Mother Nature, but I always crush any egg sacs I find. Of course, they are usually under one of my folding chairs, so I sure wouldn't want them hatching inside the rig.

    Great photos - thanks for the critter tour. I'm not getting the best connections here but I was able to bring up most of them. I'll come back and see the rest when my connection is stronger. :)

  11. My gosh, what a fun post. Love all the pictures, even the one of the horse fly! Have to agree with Me and My Dog though, I think the egg sacs should be crushed. That being said, I WOULDN'T do it myself, no way. I would call my husband to do the job!

  12. All interesting animals as long as they stay out of the RV:)

  13. Love your post especially the doxies. Our two love to tan also, in the buff!

  14. I don't even mind the black widows, if the are not too close to the back door or dog house I just relocate then with a stick. They eat other bugs for us. I hope you swatted the horse fly after the picture, their bites really hurt. You did a great job with all the pix, really enjoyed this post. Becki

  15. I have always liked spiders, although I stay away from the black widows if I can. If they are in the house I just scoopn them up on a sheet of paper and release them outside. My daughter used to scream at that, but now she does the same thing! The luna moth was the prettiest of the critters.


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