Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Hope This Never Happens to YOU!!!

Hello, we're back! And so happy about that.  The RV is well and was an easy fix...how wonderful.  The problem was the elbow into the grey holding tank was at a bad angle and not glued, so when the tank was full the water ran out, which is what happened to us. That is where all that water came from.  Modern Trailer Sales in Anderson, IN is where we bought the unit. We had heard their service department was very good, and it was! We told them when we arrived this and asked them not to "let us down" and they did not. They did a wonderful job. They pulled our unit into the bay the minute we arrived and worked on it all day until every job and every concern we had was attended to.  We thanked them when we left on doing such a speedy job and they said they knew this was our home now and wanted to get us back in it as soon as possible. The only trying part of the day was killing 4 hours, walking through Walmart. I was looking for a blue vest to put on and see if they would employ me for that time we were there :)  I can tell you where everything is in the Anderson Walmart now!  I am not a shopper but we wanted to stay in the area as we didn't want to use any more diesel fuel than we already had.  I called Keystone while we were there and expressed our concerns about being in the unit only 4 weeks and now this problem. I also said it cost us $100 in diesel to bring it to the dealer to be fixed and that if it happened again in the 'very near' future we would like to be compensated for fuel and she said that would be an option for us. That was nice to know. I told them all the good things we loved about the RV and I could hear her typing the whole time I was talking. :)
I would have blogged sooner but we were having internet issues and now they are resolvd so I'm back!

OK, now on to the title of the blog today. This entry is going to be different than my usual wildlife photos. I thought you might be interested in seeing what happened to a camper here in the park on the Sunday night before we left. We were all gathered at the office having a pitch in dinner. A lady came walking up to the door and was crying and said they needed help as her husband had the camper stuck in the gate house drive. Hmmm.... he was stuck all right.  I wanted to tell you the pictures were all taken by Iphones and not cameras so the quality will not be as good. 

Can you see the problem????

If you said it didn't fit, you were right. 

See the sign that says Keep Right...he didn't.  We were told he did not want to go to the right (where golf cart is)  because of the speed bumps. They cause the items in the shelves to be jostled.  I think he has more problems than dishes being out of place now. 

This was taken on top of the roof and as you can see he broke the beam that measures 10 x 10 and moved the entire building on its foundation.  He tried to back out before help arrived and that caused more damage to trailer and gate house.

You can see the roof how it buckled, and the steel plate that was holding the big beam in place was bent in the middle.  The speed limit was 25mph.  You can determine yourself if you think the magnitude of the damage was done under that speed limit.  Hmmm????

In the first picture you can see the yellow cone that hangs down to remind people of the height. And you can see the sign in this one also. It was asked why they didn't make this taller when they built it but apparently it was constructed in the 70's when RV's were not this tall.

We talked that the trailer probably suffered major structural damage. Wondering if they will total it?

I guess he was frustrated with the Forest Service for not putting a warning sign on this side of the gate house also.  Again....hmmmm!  He came in the front entrance and had to go to the outside lane of the gate house to keep from having "This" happen. The beams didn't magically raise several inches in the few days he was here.

We all make mistakes and dumb ones at that. At least I know we have. We all started telling stories about the dumb things we have done while waiting on the wrecker to come and pull him out. It turned out to be quite funny. Found out even the "pros" have made some blunders of their own.  I won't mention any names here of course ;)

Here we are parked in the barn lot (which was quiet to sleep in. NOT ). We stayed at the house to spend time with Hannah before we came back. I always thought this place was quiet and peaceful until trying to sleep with the animals. The turkeys and geese partied until wee hours of the morning. :)  In my next blog I'll share the wild life photos I captured in the pond and bushes. 

It looks like a used RV sales lot.  That is Hannah and Dan's trailer they just bought.

I want to wish Kevin a Happy 70th Birthday.  He is the Assistant Manager here at the park.  They surprised him with cake at our safety meeting yesterday.

Happy Birthday Kevin....cute hat!  :))))

See you should never stick your tongue out at the photographer....they can get even.
That's about it from soggy, rainy Hardin Ridge.  Hope everyone has been healthy and happy while we've been away, I hope to catch up on some blogs now. 

     So from Hardin Ridge in Hoosier National Forest best wishes everyone. 


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  2. It is sad to see those pictures! You're right that we all have done (or will do) stupid things. Hopefully very occassionally! Seeing the pics I find myself hoping they were properly insured. (I read numerous blogs written by penny-pinching RVers & I often wonder, given their frugality, are they properly insuring themselves?) It's not just the damage to the trailer - the costs of repairing the building could be significant. A structural engineer might recommend replacing the entire building. During the building repairs they might need to bring in a mobile office trailer as a temporary replacement. The costs could really add up. I'm glad I'm not in their shoes right now!

  3. So sorry about the accident. :) I'm looking forward to your pictures. I hope they turn out well :)


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