Our Home Away from Home!

Our Home Away from Home!

Friday, November 30, 2012

We Return to Hardin Ridge.....

Art and I knew we wanted to return to Hardin Ridge just to walk, visit the animals, see snow on the trees for some great pictures.  Well.....we just couldn't wait for the snow. As a matter of fact the high today was 62 in Southern Ind.  With Christmas coming up and our plans to go to Fl in January we decided to go today.

"Hello, welcome back to Hardin Ridge."  "Just sit back and enjoy the revisit we made today."               "Funny thing is, we are not touring in our golf cart like before but it's small, and dark green with a white roof."
This is new this year. Last year you used to be able to camp for free, now the Forest Service is charging $5 a night.  This is primitive camping with no water, electricity,  or flush toilets.   

When we left in Oct and I had taken all the Fall pictures I really wanted to go back and stand/sit in the same spot and retake the picture. I would love to have a collage made of all four seasons. 
So here are the first two.  This is taken on the main road headed back out towards the main gate.

The tree on the L side hanging over the road and the curve sign (front right) is what I was using as my landmarks. I think they are pretty close, don't you?  The biggest difference to me other than the obvious the leaves... is the amount of sun coming through the trees. 

I of course was looking forward to seeing some animals. We had to go almost all the way to the lake to see the first of any.

"Hurry get down she's back!"
"Hey, what happened to their golf cart?  It is bigger now!"
"OK you can leave now!"
"Whew...I can't see her anymore so she must be gone."
"Ah phewy, she's still here."

 Here is another comparison photo. This one was taken down from our campsite on Southern Point. 
What a difference. I know there are no deer in the bottom one but wow what a difference leaves make!!
So we parked the car in our old camp host site. We checked to be sure we were the only ones on the loop and we were so we let Cooper and Effie run to their hearts content. You can see they were anxious to get going....

"Hurry up guys lets go."
I had been wanting to try the self timing feature on my camera. I had never tried it so I told Art I wanted to get a picture of us and the dogs. Art sat down on some steps and I placed the camera on a picnic table and set the timer and then ran....

Well Cooper did perfect. Effie is like " Mom what are you doing? You are supposed to be BEHIND the camera."
I had a cute idea :) I told Art to stand by the Mini Cooper and then I would do the picture of him pulling into our site on our first day of camp hosting as the comparison.

So what do you think. Do they look like the same size? At least the Cooper doesn't have blue head lights.
As I was looking at this picture it kept puzzling me. Then it finally dawned on me why I liked it. It just looks like the leaves make a carpet. There are no limbs or trees downs, just a perfect forest floor.
We were driving back from the beach area...brrr the wind off the water was cold. Anyway, we drove around the curve and you will never believe what we saw........
             Find out tomorrow. So from Hardin Ridge we send hugs and best wishes.


  1. Don't know if either one of you is 62, but if you are stop at any National Park Office and get the senior card $10 for life and it gets you in free and camping at half price. We made up the $10 first time we used it it is good in all US government facilities and some states honor it.Your pictures are great.If you guys ever head west on I-70 let us know and you can stop at the Ranch in Dardenne Prairie MO. for a visit, we love having bloggers stop.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna,,,

    1. No, neither of us is 62 yet. Art will be 58 in Feb and I 51 in March. We were so fortunate to get to retire early in life and start living our dream.
      We were going to look into Passport America though to help us out some, although more expensive that $10. We appreciate your offer for us to visit you. Would love to. If we get that way which one day I hope to we will let you know. Safety was on our minds last night....whew the traffic was terrible. People out Christmas shopping I suspect. But we made it home :)

  2. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Superman?? Such suspense!

  3. Just love the photo of you in your Cooper!!! The season's move on, whether we're ready or not. Enjoy your holiday preparations, and cherish your memories of this Christmas in your house.

    1. arks

      Message starred
      Saturday, December 1, 2012 10:04 AM
      Thanks Muffy. We were happy it turned out so good, although I am here to tell you it was not comfortable standing there. I couldn't stand up straight & my L hip was being pressed into the driver's seat.

  4. Good picture of the two of you. We should do that from time to time.

    1. I agree we should too. That is such a neat feature on the camera I decided I needed to figure it out and go for it.
      Glad you liked it.


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